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The dynamics of Homestays and Hotels Business will change post Covid 19

Covid 19 in India has changed how we look at the travel and hospitality industry in India. We are still looking at the future in what shape, form and structure the ‘new normal’ of hospitality industry will restart operations. There are speculations about a lot of things which many of the stake holders & experts […]


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How to plan unplanned Covid 19 lean period for hospitality sector

The hotel & hospitality industry is facing the brunt of this unpredictable Covid 19 lockdown that has affected the global travel industry. Though it’s an unexpected situation for the industry we need to identify some of the positive things we can do during this testing times. Hospitality industry will not be the same again post […]


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It’s time to slowdown, refresh and reflect in Covid-19 situation

We are heading to a major slowdown in the economy with the isolation mode. To combat Covid-19 widespread the Indian Government has taken the best method to stride forward. Most of us who have been used to a fast paced lifestyle this becomes a time out for proper rejuvenation. Our life is circled around the […]


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Spend at least one hour a week silently in nature

The fast moving world has no time for things as simple as sitting silently or going for a walk in nature. It’s true that they may sound ‘unproductive’ for a lot of people who are busy in their ‘work mode’. Your mind and body deserved to be cared and rejuvenated. The best way to do […]


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Nature is our best teacher and well-wisher – Perspective about Covid-19 Situation

We all have been worried about the pandemic Covid-19 virus that has brought everything to a halt. If we have looked at this situation as only a financial loss and loss of lives, we are wrong. This has been a most awaited pause nature was begging all of us from several years. We had always […]


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