The hotel & hospitality industry is facing the brunt of this unpredictable Covid 19 lockdown that has affected the global travel industry. Though it’s an unexpected situation for the industry we need to identify some of the positive things we can do during these testing times. The hospitality industry will not be the same again post Covid 19 and we all have to embrace the new normal.

Every brand in the hotel industry & every host at homestays and resorts is looking where to begin? It may be a difficult time but by looking inward for growth strategies we can come up with awesome solutions.

Some of the hotels are worried about how to team up the workforce as some of their skilled staff have already migrated back to their villages. Others are worried about how to pay salaries without any business for these 3-4 months that have piled up bank interests and rental burdens on the costing.

Those who are operational with a cloud kitchen catering to online orders have adapted to new hygiene requirements. Challenges were there for hospitality and there will be more in the coming months and years. We should not lose hope & collectively come up with strategies to start functioning.

How can the staff and management plan to utilize the current lean period?
1. Upskill your staff: There are different ways to invest time in learn new soft skills and educate oneself & focus on personal growth. Do R&D at your kitchens (abiding social distancing) to come with a new menu or plan to introduce more hygiene at preparations for your kitchen staff.
2. Infrastructure: Since the constructions activities can resume now, finish those pending refurbishment, construction, and design work. You will be ready with a fresh look once your customers are starting to visit you.
3. Learn new leadership skills and absorb content and training on emotional intelligence. You will be a more polished person to approach your peers.
4. Introduce tech & innovations: You will need digital check-ins, smart apps in rooms to give seamless service to your guests. Your elevators need a hygienic atmosphere for people to use them safely.
5. Customize your staycations and food beverage promotions. Your brand will be trusted with people loving to see your proactive measures to host the guests safely and hygienically at their premises.
6. Make sure your guests and team members’ safety is the paramount responsibility, cost and profits come later as the virus threat will be there for a longer period than we all imagine.
7. Reach out to your existing customers about the initiative taken by you at your stays to create awareness. The standards of hygiene have leveled up in the tourism sector, it’s important we act now and also create awareness for our guests.

Please Note: Travel Malnad® Homestays and Resorts booking will be open once the lockdown is released with a government green signal on accepting guests at hotels and homestays establishments. You need to follow local administration guidelines about social distancing and lockdown.