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Chikmagalur homestays amidst estates and plantations

When you hear the name Chikmagalur first thing that comes to your mind is 'Coffee'. The coffee estate stays in Chikmagalur are very popular as they offer you the best malnad hospitality. There are thousands of homestays in Chikmagalur and we have tried to curate the top list of estate homestays for your trip planner. You can get free quotes to compare on our portal and boo rooms online with the best offers. 

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Chikmagalur Stays for adventure and trekking expedition

If you are a nature lover and doing an adventure trekking in the hills and mountains relax you, then visiting Chikmagalur for your next trip can make a lot of sense for you. The region is filled with hills, mountains, valleys, and several legal trekking trails. You do not need to wait for a group to join for trekking in Chikmagalur. There are official trekking trails maintained by the forest department. You just have to pay a nominal entry fee for doing trekking in the forests and start your adventure from there. 

List of top homestays in Chikmagalur for your trip:

Halligadde HomestayHomestay
Halligadde Homestay
Lalith HomestayHomestay
Lalith Homestay
Jade Vista Estate ResortHomestay
Jade Vista Estate Resort
River Woods Estate HomestayHomestay
River Woods Estate Homestay
Coffee Village Estate HomestayHomestay
Coffee Village Estate Homestay
Madhugiri HomestayHomestay
Madhugiri Homestay
Greenpark HomestayHomestay
Greenpark Homestay
Katikhan HomestayHomestay
Katikhan Homestay
Naturelight Estate HomestayHomestay
Naturelight Estate Homestay
Timberleaf HomestayHomestay
Timberleaf Homestay
Kambalakaad Estate HomestayHomestay
Kambalakaad Estate Homestay
Nature Nest HomestayHomestay
Nature Nest Homestay
Girigandarva Estate HomestayHomestay
Girigandarva Estate Homestay
Kumbarahalli GreenstaysHomestay
Kumbarahalli Greenstays
Shiveka Estate HomestayHomestay
Shiveka Estate Homestay
Raintree Eco StayHomestay
Raintree Eco Stay
New Samruddhi HomestayHomestay
New Samruddhi Homestay
Doopadcool HomestayHomestay
Doopadcool Homestay
Thippanalli Estate HomestayHomestay
Thippanalli Estate Homestay
Cascade ValleyHomestay
Cascade Valley
Pavanaganga Estate HomestayHomestay
Pavanaganga Estate Homestay
Sai HomestayHomestay
Sai Homestay
Cluster Estate HomestayHomestay
Cluster Estate Homestay
Aura HomestayHomestay
Aura Homestay
Lemon HomestayHomestay
Lemon Homestay
Mugilamane HomestayHomestay
Mugilamane Homestay
Gubbachigoodu Estate HomestayHomestay
Gubbachigoodu Estate Homestay
Oakridge Estate HomestayHomestay
Oakridge Estate Homestay
Ctwo Estate HomestayHomestay
Ctwo Estate Homestay
Coffee Aroma HomestayHomestay
Coffee Aroma Homestay
Elegance HomestayHomestay
Elegance Homestay
Forest HomestayHomestay
Forest Homestay
Captains BungalowHomestay
Captains Bungalow
Gonibeedu Estate HomestayHomestay
Gonibeedu Estate Homestay
Moon Mansion Eco StayHomestay
Moon Mansion Eco Stay
CherrynBean HomestayHomestay
CherrynBean Homestay
Moon Mist Estate HomestayHomestay
Moon Mist Estate Homestay
Hirekolale HomestayHomestay
Hirekolale Homestay
Harnalli HomestayHomestay
Harnalli Homestay
Foothills Estate HomestayHomestay
Foothills Estate Homestay
Shanthikunj Estate HomestayHomestay
Shanthikunj Estate Homestay
Bluemist HomestayHomestay
Bluemist Homestay
Coffee Valley HomestayHomestay
Coffee Valley Homestay
Chandramukuta Estate HomestayHomestay
Chandramukuta Estate Homestay
Mullayanagiri Hilltop VillaHomestay
Mullayanagiri Hilltop Villa
Tintone HomestayHomestay
Tintone Homestay
Budget Stays in ThirthahalliHomestay
Budget Stays in Thirthahalli
Black Peppers Estate HomestayHomestay
Black Peppers Estate Homestay
Nirvana Kutira HomestayHomestay
Nirvana Kutira Homestay
Villa Urvinkhan Estate HomestayHomestay
Villa Urvinkhan Estate Homestay
Bon of Berry HomestayHomestay
Bon of Berry Homestay
Jungle Greens Estate HomestayHomestay
Jungle Greens Estate Homestay
Sunbird HomestayHomestay
Sunbird Homestay
Natures Abode HomestayHomestay
Natures Abode Homestay
Coffee Terrain Estate HomestayHomestay
Coffee Terrain Estate Homestay
Silver Light HomestayHomestay
Silver Light Homestay
Bettadamalali Estate HomestayHomestay
Bettadamalali Estate Homestay
Mallandur Estate HomestayHomestay
Mallandur Estate Homestay
Nature Nirvana Estate HomestayHomestay
Nature Nirvana Estate Homestay