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Chikmagalur homestays amidst estates and plantations

When you hear the name Chikmagalur first thing that comes to your mind is 'Coffee'. The coffee estate stays in Chikmagalur are very popular as they offer you the best malnad hospitality. There are thousands of homestays in Chikmagalur and we have tried to curate the top list of estate homestays for your trip planner. You can get free quotes to compare on our portal and boo rooms online with the best offers. 

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List of top homestays in Chikmagalur for your trip:

Gonibeedu in MudigereHomestay
Gonibeedu in Mudigere

2250 2000 Per Night
Riverwoods in MagundiHomestay
Riverwoods in Magundi

3000 2750 Per Night
Madhugiri near AldurHomestay
Madhugiri near Aldur

1450 1200 Per Night
Blackpepperz in MudigereHomestay
Blackpepperz in Mudigere

2450 2200 Per Night
Bettadamalali in AvathiHomestay
Bettadamalali in Avathi

2750 2500 Per Night
Pavanaganga near KemmangundiHomestay
Pavanaganga near Kemmangundi

3700 3450 Per Night
Thippanalli in BababudangiriHomestay
Thippanalli in Bababudangiri

2850 2600 Per Night
Bonofberry near MullayanagiriHomestay
Bonofberry near Mullayanagiri

2250 2000 Per Night
Sunbird Stay near HirekolaleHomestay
Sunbird Stay near Hirekolale

2750 2500 Per Night
Girigandarva in ArasinaguppeHomestay
Girigandarva in Arasinaguppe

2250 2000 Per Night
Mallandur Estate StayHomestay
Mallandur Estate Stay

2250 2000 Per Night
Forest HomestayHomestay
Forest Homestay

2195 1945 Per Night
Tintone near MullayanagiriHomestay
Tintone near Mullayanagiri

2250 2000 Per Night
Greatescafe MullayanagiriHomestay
Greatescafe Mullayanagiri

3250 3000 Per Night
Ctwo in RampuraHomestay
Ctwo in Rampura

2250 2000 Per Night
Cluster in DasarahalliHomestay
Cluster in Dasarahalli

2250 2000 Per Night
Coffeevillage in MudigereHomestay
Coffeevillage in Mudigere

2750 2500 Per Night
Coffeeterrain in AvathiHomestay
Coffeeterrain in Avathi

2250 2000 Per Night
Gubbachigoodu in KoduvallyHomestay
Gubbachigoodu in Koduvally

2249 1999 Per Night
Hirekolale LakeviewHomestay
Hirekolale Lakeview

2250 2000 Per Night
Moonmist in UluvagiluHomestay
Moonmist in Uluvagilu

2250 2000 Per Night
Captains Bungalow in JavalliHomestay
Captains Bungalow in Javalli

4750 4500 Per Night
Junglegreens in MallandurHomestay
Junglegreens in Mallandur

1850 1600 Per Night
Oakridge in KalladevarapuraHomestay
Oakridge in Kalladevarapura

2250 2000 Per Night
Timberleaf in ThalihallaHomestay
Timberleaf in Thalihalla

2500 2250 Per Night
Villaurvinkhan in MudigereHomestay
Villaurvinkhan in Mudigere

5750 5500 Per Night
Coffeearoma near KaimaraHomestay
Coffeearoma near Kaimara

2750 2500 Per Night
Katikhan in KalasaHomestay
Katikhan in Kalasa

2450 2200 Per Night
Naturesabode in MudigereHomestay
Naturesabode in Mudigere

3000 2750 Per Night
CherrynBean in MudigereHomestay
CherrynBean in Mudigere

2450 2200 Per Night
Foothills near HirekolaleHomestay
Foothills near Hirekolale

2750 2500 Per Night
Saiestate in HosahalliHomestay
Saiestate in Hosahalli

2250 2000 Per Night
Naturenirvana in MuthodiHomestay
Naturenirvana in Muthodi

3100 2850 Per Night
Mugilamane KemmangundiHomestay
Mugilamane Kemmangundi

2250 2000 Per Night
Kambalakaad in MudigereHomestay
Kambalakaad in Mudigere

2750 2500 Per Night
Halligadde in AldurHomestay
Halligadde in Aldur

1950 1700 Per Night
Nirvanakutira in KaimaraHomestay
Nirvanakutira in Kaimara

3750 3500 Per Night
Doopadcool near MuthodiHomestay
Doopadcool near Muthodi

2450 2200 Per Night
Greenpark in MudigereHomestay
Greenpark in Mudigere

2000 1750 Per Night
Naturelight near MallandurHomestay
Naturelight near Mallandur

2250 2000 Per Night
Chandramukuta in MakoduHomestay
Chandramukuta in Makodu

2250 2000 Per Night
Shiveka in AvathiHomestay
Shiveka in Avathi

2750 2500 Per Night
Coffeevalley near AldurHomestay
Coffeevalley near Aldur

2250 2000 Per Night
Newsamruddhi MallenahalliHomestay
Newsamruddhi Mallenahalli

2250 2000 Per Night
Bluemist in MavinallaHomestay
Bluemist in Mavinalla

2250 2000 Per Night
Harnalli in AnoorHomestay
Harnalli in Anoor

2000 1750 Per Night
Shanthikunj near BalehonnurHomestay
Shanthikunj near Balehonnur

2750 2500 Per Night
Lalith Stay in UluvagiluHomestay
Lalith Stay in Uluvagilu

2450 2200 Per Night