Karnataka Homestays & Resorts


Group Booking and Extended Stays Discounts Available | Tariff Starts from 799 Onwards

Premium Resorts in Karnataka, Premium Stays in Malnad

Three, Five, and Seven Star homestays and resorts amidst the beautiful locations of Malnad in Karnataka are listed on this page. If you are looking for indoor, outdoor games, swimming pools, clubhouses, party halls, conference rooms, events venues amidst nature then you must choose our star resorts. The category of rooms, buffet food, luxury ambiance make it more pampering for your groups and families visiting for holiday in Malnad Karnataka. 

Tamara in NapoklunadStar Category
Tamara in Napoklunad

7250 7000 Per Night
The Serai KabiniStar Category
The Serai Kabini

7250 7000 Per Night
Flameback in MudigereResort
Flameback in Mudigere

7250 7000 Per Night
Windflower MysoreStar Category
Windflower Mysore

7250 7000 Per Night
Paddington in ThondoorStar Category
Paddington in Thondoor

2750 2500 Per Night
Trivik Muliangiri HilltopStar Category
Trivik Muliangiri Hilltop

12250 12000 Per Night
The Serai BandipurStar Category
The Serai Bandipur

8250 8000 Per Night
Orange County CoorgStar Category
Orange County Coorg

8250 8000 Per Night
Windflower in  KedakalStar Category
Windflower in Kedakal

8250 8000 Per Night
Villaurvinkhan in MudigereHomestay
Villaurvinkhan in Mudigere

5750 5500 Per Night
The Serai ChikmagalurStar Category
The Serai Chikmagalur

8250 8000 Per Night
Javarain MulainagiriStar Category
Javarain Mulainagiri

7750 7500 Per Night
Ambattygreens in VirajpetResort
Ambattygreens in Virajpet

5250 5000 Per Night
Ibnii MadikeriStar Category
Ibnii Madikeri

10250 10000 Per Night
Meridian Bay KundapurResort
Meridian Bay Kundapur

3750 3500 Per Night
Wildwoods in ToodalliStar Category
Wildwoods in Toodalli

5250 5000 Per Night
Orange County KabiniStar Category
Orange County Kabini

7250 7000 Per Night
Amanvana in GuddehosurStar Category
Amanvana in Guddehosur

8250 8000 Per Night