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Nature Homestays in Karnataka

Nature holiday destinations in Karnataka are situated mostly in the Malnad and Coastal regions. If you are looking for stays amidst the forests, plantations and estates then you must try Malnad homestays in Karnataka. Nature homestays in Karnataka can be opted both for your weekend as well as long-duration holidays in Karnataka. We have curated some of the best nature homestays in Karnataka located amidst the best location.

If you are living in Bangalore and looking for a weekend getaway then we have some of the beautiful nature homestays in malnad for your trip. 

Malnad Nature Stays

Malnad means nature for a lot of travelers who are regular visitors. If you observe, the Malnad region is the only region in Karnataka that has the most number of Nature Stays. If you are looking for spending your vacation or weekend getaway amidst nature and relax your mind then you must travel to Malnad or Malenadu. 

Mellows | Stay in MallenahalliHomestay
Mellows | Stay in Mallenahalli
Eagle Fly | Stay in MavinaguniHomestay
Eagle Fly | Stay in Mavinaguni
Hilltop Stay | MullayanagiriHomestay
Hilltop Stay | Mullayanagiri
Kammargod | Stay in GonibeeduHomestay
Kammargod | Stay in Gonibeedu
Little Jungle | Stay in SomwarpetHomestay
Little Jungle | Stay in Somwarpet
Nature Kingdom | Stay in BommanhalliHomestay
Nature Kingdom | Stay in Bommanhalli
Glucklich | Beach StayHomestay
Glucklich | Beach Stay
Huli Kallu | Stay in SakleshpurHomestay
Huli Kallu | Stay in Sakleshpur
Meridian Bay | Resort in UdupiResort
Meridian Bay | Resort in Udupi
Coorg Dreams | Stay in GonikoppalHomestay
Coorg Dreams | Stay in Gonikoppal
Paschim GhatHomestay
Paschim Ghat
Parampara Resort | Stay in KushalnagarResort
Parampara Resort | Stay in Kushalnagar
Sanjeevini | Stay in SagaraHomestay
Sanjeevini | Stay in Sagara
Matteduduve StayHomestay
Matteduduve Stay
Mallandur Estate StayHomestay
Mallandur Estate Stay
Shanthi Kunnj | DevadhanaHomestay
Shanthi Kunnj | Devadhana
Amanvana Spa ResortStar Category
Amanvana Spa Resort
Bison | Stay in KuttaHomestay
Bison | Stay in Kutta
Trivik | Hilltop Resort and Spa Star Category
Trivik | Hilltop Resort and Spa
Benakanur | Stay in KuppalliHomestay
Benakanur | Stay in Kuppalli
Magnolia | Stay in VirajpetResort
Magnolia | Stay in Virajpet
Ctwo | Stay in RampuraHomestay
Ctwo | Stay in Rampura
Coffee Grove | Mudigere StayResort
Coffee Grove | Mudigere Stay
Madhugiri StayHomestay
Madhugiri Stay
Estate House | Stay in MudasasiHomestay
Estate House | Stay in Mudasasi
Serai | Star Resort KabiniStar Category
Serai | Star Resort Kabini
Nesting Grounds | Stay in MudigereHomestay
Nesting Grounds | Stay in Mudigere
Coffee County | Estate StayHomestay
Coffee County | Estate Stay
Belachikatte | Stay near AgumbeHomestay
Belachikatte | Stay near Agumbe
Katikhan | Stay in KalasaHomestay
Katikhan | Stay in Kalasa
Nature Nestate | Hassan StayHomestay
Nature Nestate | Hassan Stay
Madikeri HomestayHomestay
Madikeri Homestay
River Retreat | Stay in DevrundaHomestay
River Retreat | Stay in Devrunda
Banalu Valley | Stay in HanbalHomestay
Banalu Valley | Stay in Hanbal
Mudanamane | Stay in KoppaHomestay
Mudanamane | Stay in Koppa
Coorgend StayHomestay
Coorgend Stay
Kodachadri StayHomestay
Kodachadri Stay
Gubbachi | Stay in KoduvallyHomestay
Gubbachi | Stay in Koduvally
Coffee Escape | Stay in HirebyleHomestay
Coffee Escape | Stay in Hirebyle
Estate Stay in AldurHomestay
Estate Stay in Aldur
Nirvana Kuteera | Pure Veg StayHomestay
Nirvana Kuteera | Pure Veg Stay
Mattighatta | Stay in SirsiHomestay
Mattighatta | Stay in Sirsi
Green Stay - ThambalagereHomestay
Green Stay - Thambalagere
Coffee CountryHomestay
Coffee Country
Halligadde StayHomestay
Halligadde Stay
Windflower ResortStar Category
Windflower Resort
Vihangama | Resort in ThirthahalliResort
Vihangama | Resort in Thirthahalli
Devigiri | Stay in ArasinaguppeHomestay
Devigiri | Stay in Arasinaguppe
Green Inn | Stay in HanbalHomestay
Green Inn | Stay in Hanbal
Coqueiros | Beach Cottages in KundapuraHomestay
Coqueiros | Beach Cottages in Kundapura
Karishma Estate StayHomestay
Karishma Estate Stay
Coffee Cove | Stay in ThalihallaHomestay
Coffee Cove | Stay in Thalihalla
Coffee Village | Stay in MudigereHomestay
Coffee Village | Stay in Mudigere
Coffee Camp | Stay in NaikeriHomestay
Coffee Camp | Stay in Naikeri
Gonibeedu | Stay in BelurHomestay
Gonibeedu | Stay in Belur
Paradise Isle | Beach ResortStar Category
Paradise Isle | Beach Resort
Cardamom | Stay in AttihalliHomestay
Cardamom | Stay in Attihalli
Thippanahalli | Stay in BababudangiriHomestay
Thippanahalli | Stay in Bababudangiri
Tamara CoorgStar Category
Tamara Coorg
Paddington | Resort in SomwarpetStar Category
Paddington | Resort in Somwarpet
Megha | Stay in AganiHomestay
Megha | Stay in Agani
Shiveka | Stay in AvathiHomestay
Shiveka | Stay in Avathi
Saaranga | Muthodi StayHomestay
Saaranga | Muthodi Stay
Guddadasiri StayHomestay
Guddadasiri Stay
Jungle Camp | Stay in KushalnagarResort
Jungle Camp | Stay in Kushalnagar
Rainbird | Stay in HanbalHomestay
Rainbird | Stay in Hanbal
Plantation HomestayHomestay
Plantation Homestay
Hemakoota | Stay in AttihalliHomestay
Hemakoota | Stay in Attihalli
Kalarava | Stay in BykaravalliHomestay
Kalarava | Stay in Bykaravalli
Eco Stay MallenahalliHomestay
Eco Stay Mallenahalli
Pavanaganga | Stay in HuluvathiHomestay
Pavanaganga | Stay in Huluvathi
Canopy | Stay in HethurHomestay
Canopy | Stay in Hethur
Chingaara | Stay in KabbinakadHomestay
Chingaara | Stay in Kabbinakad
Mugilamane | Stay in AttigundiHomestay
Mugilamane | Stay in Attigundi
Java Rain | Mullayanagiri ResortStar Category
Java Rain | Mullayanagiri Resort
Birds Nest | Stay in HariharapuraHomestay
Birds Nest | Stay in Hariharapura
Lakeview StayHomestay
Lakeview Stay
Jungle Retreat | Stay in KuttaHomestay
Jungle Retreat | Stay in Kutta
Serai | Star Resort ChikmagalurStar Category
Serai | Star Resort Chikmagalur
Thotadahalli | Stay in KaimaraHomestay
Thotadahalli | Stay in Kaimara
Woodway | Stay in JakkanahalliHomestay
Woodway | Stay in Jakkanahalli
Vanavihar | Stay in SomvarpetHomestay
Vanavihar | Stay in Somvarpet
Serai | Star Resort ChikmagalurStar Category
Serai | Star Resort Chikmagalur
Gabadi | Near ThirthahalliHomestay
Gabadi | Near Thirthahalli
Coorg Farm StayHomestay
Coorg Farm Stay
Machaan | Resort in HanbalResort
Machaan | Resort in Hanbal
Oakridge | Stay in KalladevarapuraHomestay
Oakridge | Stay in Kalladevarapura
Malagar Valley | Stay in JagaraHomestay
Malagar Valley | Stay in Jagara
Foothills | Stay in HirekolaleHomestay
Foothills | Stay in Hirekolale
Soans | Island Stay KundapuraHomestay
Soans | Island Stay Kundapura
Siri | Stay in JoldalHomestay
Siri | Stay in Joldal
Urban RetreatHomestay
Urban Retreat
Hingaara | Stay Near AgumbeHomestay
Hingaara | Stay Near Agumbe
Girigandarva | Stay in KaimaraHomestay
Girigandarva | Stay in Kaimara
Kotekaad | Stay in NangalaHomestay
Kotekaad | Stay in Nangala
Evolve Back CoorgStar Category
Evolve Back Coorg
Good Earth | Stay in MallandurHomestay
Good Earth | Stay in Mallandur
Doopadcool | Stay in MuthodiHomestay
Doopadcool | Stay in Muthodi
Stay in HiremandeHomestay
Stay in Hiremande
Adventure Resort in KundapuraResort
Adventure Resort in Kundapura
Chandramukuta | Stay in MakoduHomestay
Chandramukuta | Stay in Makodu
Tunga | Stay near RiverHomestay
Tunga | Stay near River
Ibbanicadu | Stay in MadikeriHomestay
Ibbanicadu | Stay in Madikeri
Silver Cloud | Stay in ThalihallaHomestay
Silver Cloud | Stay in Thalihalla
Jungle Greens | Stay in MallandurHomestay
Jungle Greens | Stay in Mallandur
Nature Nirvana | MuthodiHomestay
Nature Nirvana | Muthodi
Ajjanamane | Veg Stay in ThalaguppaHomestay
Ajjanamane | Veg Stay in Thalaguppa
Cherry Bean | Stay in JavalliHomestay
Cherry Bean | Stay in Javalli
Cycas Stay in BharathipuraHomestay
Cycas Stay in Bharathipura
Amantrana | Stay in YadurHomestay
Amantrana | Stay in Yadur
Ambatty GreensResort
Ambatty Greens
Kambalkad | Stay in KotigeharaHomestay
Kambalkad | Stay in Kotigehara
Muduvalli | Heritage StayHomestay
Muduvalli | Heritage Stay
Eagle Eye | Resort in BalehonnurResort
Eagle Eye | Resort in Balehonnur
Blue Waters | Stay in KundapuraResort
Blue Waters | Stay in Kundapura
Silent Valley | Resort in KalasaResort
Silent Valley | Resort in Kalasa
Eka ResortResort
Eka Resort
Silver Oaks | Stay in KundaHomestay
Silver Oaks | Stay in Kunda
Honeyvale | Stay in JavalliHomestay
Honeyvale | Stay in Javalli
Kumbarahalli StayHomestay
Kumbarahalli Stay
Silvergate | Stay in HukkundaHomestay
Silvergate | Stay in Hukkunda
Haranamakki | Horanadu HomestayHomestay
Haranamakki | Horanadu Homestay
Urvin Khan Villa | MudigereHomestay
Urvin Khan Villa | Mudigere
Prakruthi | Stay in KoppaHomestay
Prakruthi | Stay in Koppa
Navilubetta | Stay in KaradigundiHomestay
Navilubetta | Stay in Karadigundi
Coffee Terrain | Stay in AvathiHomestay
Coffee Terrain | Stay in Avathi
Plantation Estate HomestayHomestay
Plantation Estate Homestay
Redberry | Stay in MullayanagiriHomestay
Redberry | Stay in Mullayanagiri
Beach Resort in GokarnaResort
Beach Resort in Gokarna
Balagatte | Stay near KuppalliHomestay
Balagatte | Stay near Kuppalli
Natures Nestle | Stay in HosanagaraHomestay
Natures Nestle | Stay in Hosanagara
Evolve Back KabiniStar Category
Evolve Back Kabini
Bananki | Stay Near KuppalliHomestay
Bananki | Stay Near Kuppalli
Krushikoota | Stay in BegaruHomestay
Krushikoota | Stay in Begaru
Country Villa Stay in AldurHomestay
Country Villa Stay in Aldur
Pure Veg Heritage StayHomestay
Pure Veg Heritage Stay
Estate Resort in MudbidriResort
Estate Resort in Mudbidri
Malnad Mist | Stay in KelagalaleHomestay
Malnad Mist | Stay in Kelagalale
Wild Woods | Nature Stay KundapuraStar Category
Wild Woods | Nature Stay Kundapura
Green Village | Stay in HanbalHomestay
Green Village | Stay in Hanbal
Misty Woods | Stay in VirajpetResort
Misty Woods | Stay in Virajpet
Captains Bungalow in JavalliHomestay
Captains Bungalow in Javalli
River Woods | Stay in MagundiHomestay
River Woods | Stay in Magundi
Devangi | Stay Near KuppalliHomestay
Devangi | Stay Near Kuppalli
Cluster | Stay in KaimaraHomestay
Cluster | Stay in Kaimara
Budget Stays in ThirthahalliHomestay
Budget Stays in Thirthahalli
Coffee Retreat | Mudigere StayHomestay
Coffee Retreat | Mudigere Stay
Windlflower MysoreStar Category
Windlflower Mysore
Porcupine | Stay in PollibettaResort
Porcupine | Stay in Pollibetta
Kodachadri ResortResort
Kodachadri Resort
River Roost | Resort in MangaloreResort
River Roost | Resort in Mangalore
Forest Flower StayHomestay
Forest Flower Stay
Copper Edge | Chinnahalli StayHomestay
Copper Edge | Chinnahalli Stay
Hideaway | Bhagirathi EstateHomestay
Hideaway | Bhagirathi Estate
Coffee Valley | Stay in AldurHomestay
Coffee Valley | Stay in Aldur
Kalgreen | Resort in KoppaResort
Kalgreen | Resort in Koppa
The Nest | Pool Stay ThirthahalliHomestay
The Nest | Pool Stay Thirthahalli
Water Village | Stay in HanbalHomestay
Water Village | Stay in Hanbal
Mountain ValleyHomestay
Mountain Valley
Nature Light | NagojanahalliHomestay
Nature Light | Nagojanahalli
Coffee Aroma | Stay in KaimaraHomestay
Coffee Aroma | Stay in Kaimara
Summer Sands | Beach ResortResort
Summer Sands | Beach Resort
Megaravalli HomestayHomestay
Megaravalli Homestay
Flameback | Stay in MudigereResort
Flameback | Stay in Mudigere
Rare Earth | Stay in BiligiriHomestay
Rare Earth | Stay in Biligiri

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  • Flexible Check-in
  • Free Cancellation
  • No Booking Fees