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Farm Stays in Karnataka

The rural stays in Karnataka nestled in the farms are apt for both adventure and rejuvenation holidays. If you are planning to visit Karnataka or you are staying in any of the cities in the state, then you must visit one of our farm stays for your next vacation. The farm stays listed below are at different locations and you can plan a perfect itinerary speaking to our travel experts. Take a free quote now to get the latest tariff with season deals for the farm stays. 

Rural stays in Karnataka

Rural stays in Karnataka, especially in the malnad region are known for their warm hospitality. The hosts at the rural farm stays are professionally agriculturists with a passion for tourism services. The stays listed here are some of the best rural homestays with top ratings for their food and service.

We keep updating this list of homestays for you to give a pleasant booking experience every time you plan rural holidays in Karnataka. The stays in rural locations are very popular among our guests for their local cuisines like Akki Kadabu, Akki Rotti, Naati Koli Saaru, and Hurali Kattu dishes.  

Coffeeterrain in AvathiHomestay
Coffeeterrain in Avathi

2250 2000 Per Night
Tunga near KuppalliHomestay
Tunga near Kuppalli

2249 1999 Per Night
Rare Earth in BiligeriHomestay
Rare Earth in Biligeri

3500 3250 Per Night
Captains Bungalow in JavalliHomestay
Captains Bungalow in Javalli

4450 4200 Per Night
Pashchimghat HomestayHomestay
Pashchimghat Homestay

2350 2100 Per Night
Navilubetta in KaradigundiHomestay
Navilubetta in Karadigundi

2350 2100 Per Night
Cycas in BharathipuraHomestay
Cycas in Bharathipura

1750 1500 Per Night
Malnadeco ChikkolaleHomestay
Malnadeco Chikkolale

2050 1800 Per Night
Milkymist in MudigereHomestay
Milkymist in Mudigere

1750 1500 Per Night
Brindavan in ArekereHomestay
Brindavan in Arekere

2450 2200 Per Night
Prakruth in HerurResort
Prakruth in Herur

1450 1200 Per Night
Swastha in BykaravalliHomestay
Swastha in Bykaravalli

2750 2500 Per Night
Estate Resort MudabidriResort
Estate Resort Mudabidri

2750 2500 Per Night
Hideaway near KaimaraHomestay
Hideaway near Kaimara

2750 2500 Per Night
Salugudda in HanbalHomestay
Salugudda in Hanbal

2570 2320 Per Night
Texwoods in MuthodiResort
Texwoods in Muthodi

2750 2500 Per Night
Fogvilla in AvathiHomestay
Fogvilla in Avathi

2050 1800 Per Night
Estatehouse MudigereHomestay
Estatehouse Mudigere

2500 2250 Per Night
Coffeecove in JakkanahalliHomestay
Coffeecove in Jakkanahalli

2000 1750 Per Night
Eka in HallibyleResort
Eka in Hallibyle

8550 8300 Per Night
Kaduhithlu in NelagalliHomestay
Kaduhithlu in Nelagalli

2750 2500 Per Night
Abbydhama MadikeriHomestay
Abbydhama Madikeri

1750 1500 Per Night
Harakere near ShimogaHomestay
Harakere near Shimoga

1500 1250 Per Night
Bombrukallu in MudigereHomestay
Bombrukallu in Mudigere

2500 2250 Per Night
Moonmist in UluvagiluHomestay
Moonmist in Uluvagilu

2250 2000 Per Night
Streamedge in HiremandiHomestay
Streamedge in Hiremandi

2750 2500 Per Night
Hills Resort in SakleshpurResort
Hills Resort in Sakleshpur

5250 5000 Per Night
Berrylane in AmmathiHomestay
Berrylane in Ammathi

2050 1800 Per Night
Riverdale in HassanResort
Riverdale in Hassan

1950 1700 Per Night
Peacock County in VastareHomestay
Peacock County in Vastare

2750 2500 Per Night
Kamargodu in GonibeeduHomestay
Kamargodu in Gonibeedu

2500 2250 Per Night
Shishir in KodachadriHomestay
Shishir in Kodachadri

2500 2250 Per Night
Hulikallu in NelagahalliHomestay
Hulikallu in Nelagahalli

2250 2000 Per Night
Matteduduve HomestayHomestay
Matteduduve Homestay

2450 2200 Per Night
Aery ShanivarsantheHomestay
Aery Shanivarsanthe

2500 2250 Per Night
Coffeetranquil in AldurHomestay
Coffeetranquil in Aldur

2650 2400 Per Night
Machaan in HanbalResort
Machaan in Hanbal

5250 5000 Per Night
Balagatte near KuppalliHomestay
Balagatte near Kuppalli

2750 2500 Per Night
Hemavathi in AgalattiHomestay
Hemavathi in Agalatti

2250 2000 Per Night
Megur in MudigereHomestay
Megur in Mudigere

2050 1800 Per Night
Saaranga in MuthodiHomestay
Saaranga in Muthodi

2750 2500 Per Night
Greeninn in HanbalHomestay
Greeninn in Hanbal

2500 2250 Per Night
Cloudalley in DonigalHomestay
Cloudalley in Donigal

1550 1300 Per Night
Timberleaf in ThalihallaHomestay
Timberleaf in Thalihalla

2500 2250 Per Night
Nanapu in MuthodiHomestay
Nanapu in Muthodi

2050 1800 Per Night
Coffeearoma near KaimaraHomestay
Coffeearoma near Kaimara

2750 2500 Per Night
Karadikallu in AganiHomestay
Karadikallu in Agani

2350 2100 Per Night
Pavanaputra SakleshpurResort
Pavanaputra Sakleshpur

1750 1500 Per Night
Mallandur Estate StayHomestay
Mallandur Estate Stay

2250 2000 Per Night
Foothills near HirekolaleHomestay
Foothills near Hirekolale

2750 2500 Per Night
Jenkal in HodachahalliHomestay
Jenkal in Hodachahalli

2750 2500 Per Night
CoorgOFarm in ChembebeloorHomestay
CoorgOFarm in Chembebeloor

2000 1750 Per Night
Mistypalace in MadikeriHomestay
Mistypalace in Madikeri

1500 1250 Per Night
Halligadde in AldurHomestay
Halligadde in Aldur

1950 1700 Per Night
Chittara in MavinallaHomestay
Chittara in Mavinalla

3500 3250 Per Night
Swarga in KumbarahalliHomestay
Swarga in Kumbarahalli

2250 2000 Per Night
Copperedge ShanivarsantheHomestay
Copperedge Shanivarsanthe

3250 3000 Per Night
Coffeevalley near AldurHomestay
Coffeevalley near Aldur

2250 2000 Per Night
Rainbird in HanbalHomestay
Rainbird in Hanbal

2850 2600 Per Night