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Farm Stays in Karnataka

The rural stays in Karnataka nestled in the farms are apt for both adventure and rejuvenation holidays. If you are planning to visit Karnataka or you are staying in any of the cities in the state, then you must visit one of our farm stays for your next vacation. The farm stays listed below are at different locations and you can plan a perfect itinerary by speaking to our travel experts. Take a free quote now to get the latest tariff with season deals for the farm stays. 

Rural homestays in Karnataka

Rural stays in Karnataka, especially in the malnad region are known for their warm hospitality. The hosts at the rural farm stays are professionally agriculturists with a passion for tourism services. The stays listed here are some of the best rural homestays with top ratings for their food and service.

We keep updating this list of homestays for you to give a pleasant booking experience every time you plan rural holidays in Karnataka. The stays in rural locations are very popular among our guests for their local cuisines like Akki Kadabu, Akki Rotti, Naati Koli Saaru, and Hurali Kattu dishes.  

Farm Holidays in Malnad Karnataka

Farming is not just confined to the agricultural landowners anymore. With farm stays in Malnad, you can plan a perfect holiday to get your hands dirty and do some agriculture on your trip. You can learn farming methods while staying at a homestay during one of your leisure weekend trips. We have curated several farm stays in Malnad known for awesome cottages, tasty cuisines, and friendly hosts. All you need to do is check room availability and proceed to book your stay. 

Farm Stays near Bangalore

When you are looking for the best farm stays near Bangalore then you must be ready to travel at least for 4 hours. The stays on farms are very well planned for your complete holiday experience. The food, rooms, amenities, and activities at farm stays are designed to revive you from all the stress and relax your mind. You compare some of the best farms stays near Bangalore for your weekend vacation plans. 

Cloud Alley HomestayHomestay
Cloud Alley Homestay
Western Valley Estate HomestayHomestay
Western Valley Estate Homestay
Rare Earth HomestayHomestay
Rare Earth Homestay
Hulikallu HomestayHomestay
Hulikallu Homestay
Brindavan HomestayHomestay
Brindavan Homestay
Abbydhama HomestayHomestay
Abbydhama Homestay
Lemon HomestayHomestay
Lemon Homestay
Aery HomestayHomestay
Aery Homestay
Fogvilla HomestayHomestay
Fogvilla Homestay
Navilubetta Estate HomestayHomestay
Navilubetta Estate Homestay
Estate Stay BalgatteHomestay
Estate Stay Balgatte
Hemavathi HomestayHomestay
Hemavathi Homestay
Bombrukallu HomestayHomestay
Bombrukallu Homestay
Coffee Aroma HomestayHomestay
Coffee Aroma Homestay
Tunga Estate HomestayHomestay
Tunga Estate Homestay
Hillside Adventure HomestayHomestay
Hillside Adventure Homestay
Berrylane Estate HomestayHomestay
Berrylane Estate Homestay
Swarga HomestayHomestay
Swarga Homestay
Pavanaputra ResortResort
Pavanaputra Resort
The Green StayHomestay
The Green Stay
Riverdale ResortResort
Riverdale Resort
Silver Light HomestayHomestay
Silver Light Homestay
Nenapu HomestayHomestay
Nenapu Homestay
Coffee Cove HomestayHomestay
Coffee Cove Homestay
Timberleaf HomestayHomestay
Timberleaf Homestay
Kammargodu Estate HomestayHomestay
Kammargodu Estate Homestay
Chittara HomestayHomestay
Chittara Homestay
Coffee Valley HomestayHomestay
Coffee Valley Homestay
CherrynBean HomestayHomestay
CherrynBean Homestay
Foothills Estate HomestayHomestay
Foothills Estate Homestay
Estate House HomestayHomestay
Estate House Homestay
Mallandur Estate HomestayHomestay
Mallandur Estate Homestay
Raintree Eco StayHomestay
Raintree Eco Stay
Hideaway HomestayHomestay
Hideaway Homestay
Texwoods Estate ResortResort
Texwoods Estate Resort
Halligadde HomestayHomestay
Halligadde Homestay
Eka ResortResort
Eka Resort
CoorgOFarm Estate HomestayHomestay
CoorgOFarm Estate Homestay
Peacock County HomestayHomestay
Peacock County Homestay
Megur in MudigereHomestay
Megur in Mudigere
Cycas HomestayHomestay
Cycas Homestay
Moon Mist Estate HomestayHomestay
Moon Mist Estate Homestay
Hills ResortResort
Hills Resort
Machaan ResortResort
Machaan Resort
Misty Palace HomestayHomestay
Misty Palace Homestay
Rainbird HomestayHomestay
Rainbird Homestay
Harakere Estate Riverside HomestayHomestay
Harakere Estate Riverside Homestay
Captains BungalowHomestay
Captains Bungalow
The Estate ResortResort
The Estate Resort
Coffee Tranquil HomestayHomestay
Coffee Tranquil Homestay
Saaranga HomestayHomestay
Saaranga Homestay
Milkymist HomestayHomestay
Milkymist Homestay
Coffee Terrain Estate HomestayHomestay
Coffee Terrain Estate Homestay
Karadikallu HomestayHomestay
Karadikallu Homestay
Copper Edge HomestayHomestay
Copper Edge Homestay
Jenkal HomestayHomestay
Jenkal Homestay
Sunbird HomestayHomestay
Sunbird Homestay
Kaduhithlu HomestayHomestay
Kaduhithlu Homestay
Prakruth Estate ResortResort
Prakruth Estate Resort
Salugudda HomestayHomestay
Salugudda Homestay
Streamedge HomestayHomestay
Streamedge Homestay
Malnad Eco StayHomestay
Malnad Eco Stay
Swastha Estate HomestayHomestay
Swastha Estate Homestay
Matteduduve HomestayHomestay
Matteduduve Homestay
Green Inn HomestayHomestay
Green Inn Homestay