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Karnataka Home Stays

Malnad is derived from the Kannada word Malenadu in Karnataka. The region is a famous holiday getaway for generations. Hundreds of thousand travelers visit every year to the Malnad region to enjoy beautiful nature. Malnad hospitality services in the garb of Home Stay accommodation is a new inclusion to Karnataka tourism.

Currently, you have several home stays nestled in the beautiful locations of the Malnad region. You can find below a list of top home stays at different destinations in the Malnad region. 

Karnataka Stays

Malenadu is a famous destination in Karnataka well known among tourists for its hospitality services. Homestays in this region are very popular for their services and tasty cuisines.  Malenadu hospitality can make your mind and body relaxed. The history of this region is such that people are very friendly to the tourists and love to serve them.  Find your choice of Malenadu homestay from the list below and book online with our best offers.  

List of top Karnataka homestays for your trip:

Gowrigaddhe | Retreat in KoppaHomestay
Gowrigaddhe | Retreat in Koppa
Coorg Farm StayHomestay
Coorg Farm Stay
Woodway | Stay in JakkanahalliHomestay
Woodway | Stay in Jakkanahalli
Cardamom | Stay in AttihalliHomestay
Cardamom | Stay in Attihalli
Heritage Stay in HadyaHomestay
Heritage Stay in Hadya
Exotica ResortResort
Exotica Resort
Green Inn | Stay in HanbalHomestay
Green Inn | Stay in Hanbal
Ayesiri | Stay in HongadahallaHomestay
Ayesiri | Stay in Hongadahalla
Porcupine | Stay in PollibettaResort
Porcupine | Stay in Pollibetta
Devangi | Stay Near KuppalliHomestay
Devangi | Stay Near Kuppalli
Java Rain | Mullayanagiri ResortStar Category
Java Rain | Mullayanagiri Resort
Chandramukuta | Stay in MakoduHomestay
Chandramukuta | Stay in Makodu
Machaan | Resort in HanbalResort
Machaan | Resort in Hanbal
Ctwo | Stay in RampuraHomestay
Ctwo | Stay in Rampura
Little Jungle | Stay in SomwarpetHomestay
Little Jungle | Stay in Somwarpet
Aura | Stay in RampuraHomestay
Aura | Stay in Rampura
Foothills | Stay in HirekolaleHomestay
Foothills | Stay in Hirekolale
Gubbachi | Stay in KoduvallyHomestay
Gubbachi | Stay in Koduvally
The Blossom | Stay in ThogarihankalResort
The Blossom | Stay in Thogarihankal
Shanthi Kunnj | DevadhanaHomestay
Shanthi Kunnj | Devadhana
Kotekaad | Stay in NangalaHomestay
Kotekaad | Stay in Nangala
Halligadde StayHomestay
Halligadde Stay
Coffee Grove | Mudigere StayResort
Coffee Grove | Mudigere Stay
Canopy | Stay in HethurHomestay
Canopy | Stay in Hethur
Water Village | Stay in HanbalHomestay
Water Village | Stay in Hanbal
Bagmane | Stay in MallandurHomestay
Bagmane | Stay in Mallandur
Birds Nest | Stay in HariharapuraHomestay
Birds Nest | Stay in Hariharapura
The Karle | Stay in HassanHomestay
The Karle | Stay in Hassan
Jungle Camp | Stay in KushalnagarResort
Jungle Camp | Stay in Kushalnagar
Chenanda | Stay in MadikeriHomestay
Chenanda | Stay in Madikeri
Cluster | Stay in KaimaraHomestay
Cluster | Stay in Kaimara
Mudanamane | Stay in KoppaHomestay
Mudanamane | Stay in Koppa
Karishma Estate StayHomestay
Karishma Estate Stay
Gokul Valley | Stay in KaskebyleHomestay
Gokul Valley | Stay in Kaskebyle
Siri | Stay in JoldalHomestay
Siri | Stay in Joldal
Magnolia | Stay in VirajpetResort
Magnolia | Stay in Virajpet
Malagar Valley | Stay in JagaraHomestay
Malagar Valley | Stay in Jagara
Coffee Retreat | Mudigere StayHomestay
Coffee Retreat | Mudigere Stay
Silent Valley | Resort in KalasaResort
Silent Valley | Resort in Kalasa
HiPoint | Stay in TownHomestay
HiPoint | Stay in Town
The Cennet | Stay in GonakalHomestay
The Cennet | Stay in Gonakal
Parampara Resort | Stay in KushalnagarResort
Parampara Resort | Stay in Kushalnagar
Jungle Greens | Stay in MallandurHomestay
Jungle Greens | Stay in Mallandur
Mayuravana | Stay in MallenahalliHomestay
Mayuravana | Stay in Mallenahalli
Natures Nest | Stay in ArasinaguppeHomestay
Natures Nest | Stay in Arasinaguppe
Forest Flower StayHomestay
Forest Flower Stay
Hingaara | Stay Near AgumbeHomestay
Hingaara | Stay Near Agumbe
Coffee Escape | Stay in HirebyleHomestay
Coffee Escape | Stay in Hirebyle
The Nest | Pool Stay ThirthahalliHomestay
The Nest | Pool Stay Thirthahalli
Oakridge | Stay in KalladevarapuraHomestay
Oakridge | Stay in Kalladevarapura
Hemakoota | Stay in AttihalliHomestay
Hemakoota | Stay in Attihalli
Shiveka | Stay in AvathiHomestay
Shiveka | Stay in Avathi
Madikeri HomestayHomestay
Madikeri Homestay
Coorgend StayHomestay
Coorgend Stay
Tunga | Stay near RiverHomestay
Tunga | Stay near River
Misty Woods | Stay in VirajpetResort
Misty Woods | Stay in Virajpet
Coffee Camp | Stay in NaikeriHomestay
Coffee Camp | Stay in Naikeri
Thippanahalli | Stay in BababudangiriHomestay
Thippanahalli | Stay in Bababudangiri
Gonibeedu | Stay in BelurHomestay
Gonibeedu | Stay in Belur
Misty Hut | Mudigere StayHomestay
Misty Hut | Mudigere Stay
Butterstone StayHomestay
Butterstone Stay
Muccole StayHomestay
Muccole Stay
Bananki | Stay Near KuppalliHomestay
Bananki | Stay Near Kuppalli
Vista Villas | Mallenahalli StayHomestay
Vista Villas | Mallenahalli Stay

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