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Thirthahalli Homestays for your trip

Thirthahalli is around 6 hours drive from Bangalore. If you have been to this place you would be already aware of the sightseeing places in and around the region. Thirthahalli is close to Agumbe as well in case you are planning to club 2 destinations for your trip. You can drive around to several places in and around Thirthahalli. If you are staying for more than 2 nights then you can also visit beaches in Coastal Karnataka within 2 hours drive from Thirthahalli. 

Compare and book a homestay in Thirthahalli with the best deals and group discounts. 

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High Point HomestayHomestay
High Point Homestay

1249 999 Per Night
Benakanur HomestayHomestay
Benakanur Homestay

1850 1600 Per Night
Balagatte HomestayHomestay
Balagatte Homestay

2750 2500 Per Night
Shishir HomestayHomestay
Shishir Homestay

2500 2250 Per Night
Rockview HotelHotels
Rockview Hotel

1950 1700 Per Night
Tunga HomestayHomestay
Tunga Homestay

2249 1999 Per Night
Mayura HotelHotels
Mayura Hotel

2249 1999 Per Night
Ashoka Park HotelHotels
Ashoka Park Hotel

1550 1300 Per Night
Devangi HomestayHomestay
Devangi Homestay

2749 2499 Per Night
Gabadi HomestayHomestay
Gabadi Homestay

2149 1899 Per Night
Forest EdgeHomestay
Forest Edge

2500 2250 Per Night
Cycas HomestayHomestay
Cycas Homestay

1750 1500 Per Night
Nest HomestayHomestay
Nest Homestay

2050 1800 Per Night
Banadi HomestayHomestay
Banadi Homestay

1850 1600 Per Night
Bananki HomestayHomestay
Bananki Homestay

2550 2300 Per Night
Kolavara HomestayHomestay
Kolavara Homestay

2999 2749 Per Night