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We have curated top places in Malnad for your nature homestays in Karnataka while planning a holiday. You can compare pre-checked holiday packages, cottage rentals, vacation home rentals, resorts, homestays, hotels, tree-houses, estate stays, plantation villas, river-bank villas... Our one-stop-shop allows you to refer to multiple packages before selecting a stay to book in Karnataka. We offer premium category resorts, hotels & homestays, and several activities for your memorable holiday experience. Our un-biased comparison facility helps you choose the best stay after reviewing all quotes and facilities. 

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We have special offers for corporate & group team outings for your office trips. We also assist you to conduct events, destination weddings, MICE, team training, games & activities for your group. Selected properties on our list have the lowest tariff & free accommodations for extended stays. All you need to do is use the above free quote inquiry form. Feel free to speak to our customer support team for any of your customized holiday requirements. To have your company affiliated for corporate bookings please contact us.

What should guests know in the 'new normal' while visiting malnad homestays?
The guests coming to homestays in Malnad need to be aware of the safety guidelines mentioned below. Wear masks while at the public areas and sightseeing spots. Always carry sanitizers and do not touch your nose, eyes, and face without cleaning your hands. If you have already booked and stay feeling not well then you better drop visiting the homestay and request for a refund and we will refund the full booking amount. Please keep these points in mind while traveling to Malnad.
  • Arogya Setu App recommended 
  • Thermal scanning at homestay entrance
  • Disinfecting all incoming vehicles
  • Sanitizers at all prominent places
  • Touch-less Check-in
  • Collect guest's travel history
  • Disinfecting guest luggage
  • Rooms are given post 24 hours of disinfection
  • Assistants to handle elevators
  • Touch-less service for dining
  • Team members in your staff should not be allowed from containment

TRAVEL ADVICE: Speak to us and get a list of verified stays in malnad for your trip. Book safely and travel peacefully.  

Why choose Travel Malnad® for booking homestays?
  • Registered & Recognized Brand
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  • Serving since 2005

Our Comprehensive Malnad Holidays Services;
  • Air Ticketing
  • Bus Booking
  • Outstation Cabs
  • Sightseeing Cabs
  • Airport Transfers
  • Day Tours
  • Free Itinerary
  • Trekking (With Legal Permissions Only)
  • Camping (At Private Properties Only)
  • Kayaking
  • River Rafting 
  • Water Sports
  • ATV Quad Bikes
  • Corporate Team Building
  • MICE
  • Destination Weddings
  • Nature Studies
  • Wildlife Photography (With professional guides)

Where is this incredible Malnad located?
Malnad is a region in Karnataka and a conglomerate of several districts with their taluks. Malnad is famous for tourism, agriculture, forest cover, and many historical wonders in Karnataka. The geography of this region is highlighted for its Western Ghats belt. The ecology of this region attracts a lot of nature lovers & adventure enthusiasts looking to spend time amidst nature. Malnad is situated at an easy drive distance from all major cities of Karnataka as well as other nearby states that are connected by National Highway. There is a lot of sightseeing in and around each destination listed on this portal for your reference. A detailed itinerary will be given to our guests during the time of booking our listed stays. 

How to find the best stay at amazing Malnad destinations?
Your search for best homestays and resorts in Malnad ends at A pioneer homestay and resorts aggregator in the Malnad region serving since 2005 for tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for the best homestay based on your requirement then you must choose the unbiased compare facility at Only. The portal has a user-friendly compare engine to make your booking process a reliable one. Select the budget, facilities, amenities that you prefer for your holiday and start doing an unbiased comparison before deciding on the booking. If you are looking for customization then you can speak to our travel experts. It takes only a few minutes of your valuable time to do an online search and comparison at Travel Malnad®. 

What are the amenities offered at Malnad Homestays?
The homestay is a unique concept in the tourism sector. If you are a person who loves to explore the authenticity of a place then you must try out homestay services. The hosts at homestays in Malnad are popular for their hospitality services offered in a homely atmosphere. There are homestays with adventure activities and swimming pool for your leisure trip. Most of the stays offer food and accommodation clubbed with indoor and outdoor games & campfire in the evening. You can take a short trek near the stay or visit a waterfall in the valleys. There will be guided trips offered by few stays if you are interested in adventure. If you are planning for a conference or team outing then the homestays also have provision for those activities at Travel Malnad® listed homestays.

Which is the best season to visit Malnad?
The region is popularly known as an all-weather holiday destination in South India. You visit nature in Malnad during any time of the year you will be mesmerized by its beautiful landscapes. Several places in the region are lovely during Monsoon and the spring season. The region gets more green during the monsoon and if you are driving or riding you can be awestruck by its grandeur. There are hill station places in Malnad that are must-visit summer getaways. You can plan during any season and get mind-blowing itineraries from Travel Malnad®. 

Are there deals and discounts for Malnad Stays Booking?
There are a lot of homestays listed on the portal with group deals exclusively offered by Travel Malnad®. We are happy to offer the best deals and discounts for group bookings or large family holidays. There are exclusive verified homestays and resorts in estates and plantations for your adventure holiday. A lot of corporate companies take team outing trips from Travel Malnad for their team building and offsite activities. We assure the lowest price with the best service for all our guests who are looking for an amazing malnad holiday at estate homestays.  

Malnad Holiday Services:
Malnad, a region in Karnataka popular for its dense forest cover and rich natural resources. Besides the natural wonders of the region, this has been a culturally & historically famous destination in Southern India. The monuments, scriptures, ancient architecture, literary & political leaders all remind of its plethora of significance entrenched in its history. People of Malnad are known for their caring hospitality offered to guests unconditionally. Here we are talking about years even before the boom of homestays or resorts services in this region. People here love to receive guests, and they happily treat arriving guests to their home even if it is for a short period. The fondness with which they treat every guest registers in their mind about Malnad as a synonym for true hospitality. 

Best Traditional Malnad Homestay in Karnataka:
Ancient Malnad is known for its single heritage type houses amidst estates or forest region. Only relatives or close connections visited people on special occasions. It's not the case in this century though, Malnad is now a popular holiday destination with lots of service providers running professional homestay and resorts. A traditional malnad home was always a place for yummy food served with a lot of love from the host. That got deepened further when hospitality became a profession in this region and a few other things got added to it. A Malnad Stay of today has a great accommodation clubbed with adventure activities to engage inmates. So your holiday will be a complete experience with all elements of hospitality being offered unconditionally. 

Are homestays better than hotels for a countryside holiday?
This is a very subjective question and the answer is individual specific. You need to understand that malnad homestays are mostly at a remote location or countryside. Yes, there are a few homestays in the cities too. The difference between a hotel and homestay could be the size of the property and services offered. Hotels are stereotypical designs with tested hospitality services. Whereas, homestays experiment with offering different types of unique holiday services. The best way to clarify your doubts is to speak to experts at Travel Malnad® and seek unbiased advice before making a booking.  

How can nature heal us if we take a Malnad holiday?
This is one of the most frequent & pertinent queries we receive on regularly. Mother Nature has a cure for everything due to discomfort by stress in us. Soul gets purified with healing effects of nature if it has gone through stress, anxiety, and trauma and is looking for an antidote. To achieve your perfect healing effect first you must fully surrender yourself to the wonders of nature. In that case, only, even a casual stroll in the thick woods or greenery would bring a lot of joy to you. The positive mental state evoked by nature in you will have the strength to withstand any negativity coming your way. Healing is nothing but you feel positive results emerging in your consciousness. If you haven't tried visiting our nature holiday destinations for an experiential stay then we recommend you to try it. The enchanting effect of Nature has brought our guests back to our listed stays regularly from all over the world. Their inputs about the mesmerism of nature in the Malnad region inspired us to strengthen our services with more facilities. 

How to customize your Malnad Trip?
At Travel Malnad it's very easy to customize your weekend getaway or a long holiday. When you customize your trip it means you can save money. Our experts are serving tourists in Malnad from 2005 and it has given them enormous experience in this industry. You may be a solo traveler, family traveler, or a group traveler looking for a quiet place amidst nature to spend quality time, Malnad Homestays will give you the best food & accommodation for your trip. Take a free quote and start customizing your trip to Malnad. The unbiased price, facilities quote comparison available only at Travel Malnad® will help you make an informed choice while booking a stay anywhere in Malnad. 

Best Homestays in Karnataka:
Karnataka in Southern India receives a good number of tourists from all over India and abroad. Homestays in Karnataka is one of the reasons for the success story of the tourism sector in this region. Many private estates who have converted their property into hospitality services offer comfortable rooms for our guests. The estate owners have become professional hosts for tourists speaking in different languages helping them to guide during their holiday. The stays are in such locations that usually it makes a visitor extend the duration of holiday after coming to our stays. Homestays offer a variety of activities and fun games to engage room guests. You will find only the best homestays in Karnataka on Travel Malnad® website with a thorough quality check on regular intervals.  

Agri Tourism and Nature Studies in the Malnad Region:

Ever planned a trip to explore what's interesting about nature or how you can do an agricultural activity? Your dreams of traveling and spending time meaningfully are made possible with our services. We have handpicked homestays in Malnad for you to explore Agri-Tourism activities in Karnataka. Our packages are available for long-duration stay and also as staycation. You can even do day trips to our listed stays for Agri-Tourism and spend quality time with your family or group of colleagues. We can also assist you to conduct team building activities during your visit. 

Malnad Cuisines and Authentic Masala Products:

If you have already traveled to Malnad or have been looking for visiting soon, you must know about its cuisines. The tasty Malnad cuisine is very popular at many restaurants in the cities. The reason for their popularity is because of the natural ingredients used and the tasty formula of cooking. The rasam or sambar in Malnad cuisines tastes unique because of its natural ingredients. People of Malnad have been used to Organic and Natural food for ages. They have a very special type of cuisine that makes you fall in love with it. Those of you who love to try some organic food products from Malnad Karnataka can shop at our online store

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