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Hilltop Homestays in Karnataka, Hilltop Resorts in Karnataka

Hilltop homestays in Karnataka are curated under a single roof for comparison and online reservation. These hilltop homestays are chosen not just for their beautiful location but for their best hospitality services as well. Malenadu hilltop homestays and resorts are usually located amidst the estates with wide-open views of hills and valleys around.

These homestays will be a perfect getaway experience for nature lovers who like to spend a quiet time listening to the chirping birds in Malenadu.

Trivik Muliangiri HilltopStar Category
Trivik Muliangiri Hilltop

12250 12000 Per Night
Coffeevillage in MudigereHomestay
Coffeevillage in Mudigere

2750 2500 Per Night
Tintone near MuliangiriHomestay
Tintone near Muliangiri

2250 2000 Per Night
Thotadahalli in KaimaraHomestay
Thotadahalli in Kaimara

3250 3000 Per Night
Katikhan in KalasaHomestay
Katikhan in Kalasa

2450 2200 Per Night
Estate Resort MudabidriResort
Estate Resort Mudabidri

2750 2500 Per Night
Forestedge in MudbaHomestay
Forestedge in Mudba

2500 2250 Per Night
Mistywoods in KakkabeResort
Mistywoods in Kakkabe

4750 4500 Per Night
The Mellows MallenahalliHomestay
The Mellows Mallenahalli

2750 2500 Per Night
Greatescafe MulainagiriHomestay
Greatescafe Mulainagiri

3250 3000 Per Night
Belachikatte near NalurHomestay
Belachikatte near Nalur

2250 2000 Per Night
Prakruthi near BalehonnurHomestay
Prakruthi near Balehonnur

1750 1500 Per Night
Spectrum in EreallaHomestay
Spectrum in Erealla

2450 2200 Per Night
Bagmane in MallandurHomestay
Bagmane in Mallandur

2250 2000 Per Night
Porcupine in PollibettaResort
Porcupine in Pollibetta

5150 4900 Per Night
Ibbani Mulaingiri HilltopHomestay
Ibbani Mulaingiri Hilltop

2750 2500 Per Night