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Estate Stays in Karnataka

The estate homestays in the Malnad region nestled amidst the estates are one of the best destinations for nature lovers. The estate stays in Malenadu have been designed for group and big family vacations amidst nature. You can also conduct team-building activities and conferences at these plantation stays.

In recent years estate homestays by Travel Malnad also offer wedding and event venues for big celebrations. We have curated only the top-most stays to make sure that every time our guests visit Malnad will have the best holiday experience. You can customize your estate homestay booking with us by using our compare facility.

Best Coffee Estate Stays in Malnad

A prudent traveler will always compare the options available before making a booking. We are committed to giving the best service to our guests booking our stays in the Malnad region. The best estate stays are classified based on the merits of service, host friendliness, and consistently tasty food served to guests.

Estates in the Malnad region were once accessible only to the owners of the properties. Thanks to the homestay concept that evolved in the region. Today, you have all the top estates are open to tourists with homestay accommodations inside the estates. You can live like a planter on your trip to Malnad estates. 

Are estate homestays safe for families?

We get this query almost every day and here is a detailed answer to this question. Estate homestays are very safe even for family trips. These are private estates and the hosts are listed after verifications. They are fully secured for family vacations in Malnad Karnataka. All estate homestays are listed with original names and you need not worry about anything. 

Which are the best estate holiday locations in Karnataka?

Most of our estate stays are located in and around awesome destinations like Coorg, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpura, Thirthahalli, Agumbe, Kalasa, Mudigere, Kottigehara, Sringeri, Koppa, Hosanagara, Kalasa, and Sagara. The estates are coffee, tea, areca nut, pepper, rubber, and spices. If you love agriculture then we do conduct Agri-tourism during our estate stays. You can pre-book our estate stays to take part in the agriculture activity during your leisure break in Malnad Karnataka. Only a few estate homestays offer agri-tourism and that too during the cultivation and harvesting seasons in Karnataka.

The list of best estate stays in malnad is updated to give you a happy booking experience every time you book a stay with us.

P N Heritage - GundikoppaHomestay
P N Heritage - Gundikoppa
Coffee Escape | Stay in HirebyleHomestay
Coffee Escape | Stay in Hirebyle
Amantrana | Stay in YadurHomestay
Amantrana | Stay in Yadur
Hingaara | Stay Near AgumbeHomestay
Hingaara | Stay Near Agumbe
Navilubetta | Stay in KaradigundiHomestay
Navilubetta | Stay in Karadigundi
Camp Stay CoorgHomestay
Camp Stay Coorg
Forest Hilltop Resort in MudbaHomestay
Forest Hilltop Resort in Mudba
Budget Stays in ThirthahalliHomestay
Budget Stays in Thirthahalli
Cascade Valley in MudigereHomestay
Cascade Valley in Mudigere
Vanavihar | Stay in SomvarpetHomestay
Vanavihar | Stay in Somvarpet
Shiveka | Stay in AvathiHomestay
Shiveka | Stay in Avathi
Coffee Terrain | Stay in AvathiHomestay
Coffee Terrain | Stay in Avathi
Ashirwad StayHomestay
Ashirwad Stay
Bettadamalali | Stay in AvathiHomestay
Bettadamalali | Stay in Avathi
Cluster | Stay in KaimaraHomestay
Cluster | Stay in Kaimara
Urvin Khan Villa | MudigereHomestay
Urvin Khan Villa | Mudigere
Cherry Bean | Stay in JavalliHomestay
Cherry Bean | Stay in Javalli
Gonakal | Stay in TogarihankalHomestay
Gonakal | Stay in Togarihankal
Kammargod | Stay in GonibeeduHomestay
Kammargod | Stay in Gonibeedu
Jagates Mist | Stay in VanagoorHomestay
Jagates Mist | Stay in Vanagoor
The Nest CoorgHomestay
The Nest Coorg
Knockwood | Stay in BannurHomestay
Knockwood | Stay in Bannur
Coorg Dreams | Stay in GonikoppalHomestay
Coorg Dreams | Stay in Gonikoppal
Woodway | Stay in JakkanahalliHomestay
Woodway | Stay in Jakkanahalli
Lemon Stay near AldurHomestay
Lemon Stay near Aldur
Muduvalli | Heritage StayHomestay
Muduvalli | Heritage Stay
Porcupine | Stay in PollibettaResort
Porcupine | Stay in Pollibetta
Chandramukuta | Stay in MakoduHomestay
Chandramukuta | Stay in Makodu
Prakrithik | Estate Stay DonigalHomestay
Prakrithik | Estate Stay Donigal
Berry Stay | MullayangiriHomestay
Berry Stay | Mullayangiri
The Nest | Pool Stay ThirthahalliHomestay
The Nest | Pool Stay Thirthahalli
Honeyvale | Stay in JavalliHomestay
Honeyvale | Stay in Javalli
Coffee Aroma | Stay in KaimaraHomestay
Coffee Aroma | Stay in Kaimara
Silver Oaks | Stay in KundaHomestay
Silver Oaks | Stay in Kunda
Little Jungle | Stay in SomwarpetHomestay
Little Jungle | Stay in Somwarpet
Megur | Stay near HornaduHomestay
Megur | Stay near Hornadu
Jade Vista | Mallenahalli StayHomestay
Jade Vista | Mallenahalli Stay
Stay in HiremandeHomestay
Stay in Hiremande
Danta | Estate Stay BasagulaHomestay
Danta | Estate Stay Basagula
Shanthi Kunnj | DevadhanaHomestay
Shanthi Kunnj | Devadhana
Honey Valley | Stay in YavakapadyHomestay
Honey Valley | Stay in Yavakapady
Prakruthi | Stay in KoppaHomestay
Prakruthi | Stay in Koppa
Coorg Farm StayHomestay
Coorg Farm Stay
Eagle Fly | Stay in MavinaguniHomestay
Eagle Fly | Stay in Mavinaguni
Balagatte | Stay near KuppalliHomestay
Balagatte | Stay near Kuppalli
Gonibeedu | Stay in BelurHomestay
Gonibeedu | Stay in Belur
Kotekaad | Stay in NangalaHomestay
Kotekaad | Stay in Nangala
Haranamakki | Horanadu HomestayHomestay
Haranamakki | Horanadu Homestay
Athithi | Stay in HosamaneHomestay
Athithi | Stay in Hosamane
Mugilamane | Stay in AttigundiHomestay
Mugilamane | Stay in Attigundi
Coffee Village | Stay in MudigereHomestay
Coffee Village | Stay in Mudigere
New Samruddhi | MallenahalliHomestay
New Samruddhi | Mallenahalli
Eagle Eye | Resort in BalehonnurResort
Eagle Eye | Resort in Balehonnur
Lakshmipura StayHomestay
Lakshmipura Stay
Nature Nirvana | MuthodiHomestay
Nature Nirvana | Muthodi
Bananki | Stay Near KuppalliHomestay
Bananki | Stay Near Kuppalli
Devigiri | Stay in ArasinaguppeHomestay
Devigiri | Stay in Arasinaguppe
Siri | Stay in JoldalHomestay
Siri | Stay in Joldal
Estate Resort in MudbidriResort
Estate Resort in Mudbidri
Plantation HomestayHomestay
Plantation Homestay
Nyrit Villa | Stay in HasadeHomestay
Nyrit Villa | Stay in Hasade
Matteduduve StayHomestay
Matteduduve Stay
Eco Stay MallenahalliHomestay
Eco Stay Mallenahalli
Kalgreen | Resort in KoppaResort
Kalgreen | Resort in Koppa
Kumbarahalli StayHomestay
Kumbarahalli Stay
Krushikoota | Stay in BegaruHomestay
Krushikoota | Stay in Begaru
Honeypot | Stay in MadikeriHomestay
Honeypot | Stay in Madikeri
Chingaara | Stay in KabbinakadHomestay
Chingaara | Stay in Kabbinakad
Katikhan | Stay in KalasaHomestay
Katikhan | Stay in Kalasa
Black PepperzHomestay
Black Pepperz
Karle | Stay in HassanHomestay
Karle | Stay in Hassan
Vihangama | Resort in ThirthahalliResort
Vihangama | Resort in Thirthahalli
Triwoods | Stay near BelurHomestay
Triwoods | Stay near Belur
Bagmane | Stay in MallandurHomestay
Bagmane | Stay in Mallandur
Megha | Stay in AganiHomestay
Megha | Stay in Agani
Malagar Valley | Stay in JagaraHomestay
Malagar Valley | Stay in Jagara
Madhugiri StayHomestay
Madhugiri Stay
Raintree | Estate Stay in AldurHomestay
Raintree | Estate Stay in Aldur
Halli Hithalu | Stay in KesarikeHomestay
Halli Hithalu | Stay in Kesarike
Good Earth | Stay in MallandurHomestay
Good Earth | Stay in Mallandur
Madikeri HomestayHomestay
Madikeri Homestay
Green Pastures | SomwarpetHomestay
Green Pastures | Somwarpet
Golden Wood | Harley EstateHomestay
Golden Wood | Harley Estate
Green Inn | Stay in HanbalHomestay
Green Inn | Stay in Hanbal
Estate House | Stay in MudasasiHomestay
Estate House | Stay in Mudasasi
Ctwo | Stay in RampuraHomestay
Ctwo | Stay in Rampura
Coffee Retreat | Mudigere StayHomestay
Coffee Retreat | Mudigere Stay
Benakanur | Stay in KuppalliHomestay
Benakanur | Stay in Kuppalli
Robust Valley | Mudigere StayHomestay
Robust Valley | Mudigere Stay
Sunbird | Stay in KabbinahalliHomestay
Sunbird | Stay in Kabbinahalli
Nirvana Kuteera | Pure Veg StayHomestay
Nirvana Kuteera | Pure Veg Stay
Pure Veg Heritage StayHomestay
Pure Veg Heritage Stay
Gubbachi | Stay in KoduvallyHomestay
Gubbachi | Stay in Koduvally
Estate Stays in ThirthahalliHomestay
Estate Stays in Thirthahalli
Birds Nest | Stay in HariharapuraHomestay
Birds Nest | Stay in Hariharapura
Mellows | Stay in MallenahalliHomestay
Mellows | Stay in Mallenahalli
Halligadde StayHomestay
Halligadde Stay
Coffee Cove | Stay in ThalihallaHomestay
Coffee Cove | Stay in Thalihalla
Vruksha | Stay at AldurHomestay
Vruksha | Stay at Aldur
Nature Light | NagojanahalliHomestay
Nature Light | Nagojanahalli
Huli Kallu | Stay in SakleshpurHomestay
Huli Kallu | Stay in Sakleshpur
Silver Brook | Stay in KadagadalHomestay
Silver Brook | Stay in Kadagadal
Hilltop Stay | MullayanagiriHomestay
Hilltop Stay | Mullayanagiri
Jungle Greens | Stay in MallandurHomestay
Jungle Greens | Stay in Mallandur
Lakeview StayHomestay
Lakeview Stay
Silvergate | Stay in HukkundaHomestay
Silvergate | Stay in Hukkunda
Tunga | Stay near RiverHomestay
Tunga | Stay near River
Eco Stay SakleshpurHomestay
Eco Stay Sakleshpur
Rare Earth | Stay in BiligiriHomestay
Rare Earth | Stay in Biligiri
Lalithadri | Stay in UluvagiluHomestay
Lalithadri | Stay in Uluvagilu
Paschim GhatHomestay
Paschim Ghat
Gowrigaddhe | Retreat in KoppaHomestay
Gowrigaddhe | Retreat in Koppa
Thotadahalli | Stay in KaimaraHomestay
Thotadahalli | Stay in Kaimara
Coffee County | Estate StayHomestay
Coffee County | Estate Stay
Natures Abode in MudigereHomestay
Natures Abode in Mudigere
River Woods | Stay in MagundiHomestay
River Woods | Stay in Magundi
Sanjeevini | Stay in SagaraHomestay
Sanjeevini | Stay in Sagara
Elegance | Stay near KaimaraHomestay
Elegance | Stay near Kaimara
Redberry | Stay in MullayanagiriHomestay
Redberry | Stay in Mullayanagiri
Girigandarva | Stay in KaimaraHomestay
Girigandarva | Stay in Kaimara
Harakere | Near ShimogaHomestay
Harakere | Near Shimoga
Water Village | Stay in HanbalHomestay
Water Village | Stay in Hanbal
Canopy | Stay in HethurHomestay
Canopy | Stay in Hethur
Guddadasiri StayHomestay
Guddadasiri Stay
Thippanahalli | Stay in BababudangiriHomestay
Thippanahalli | Stay in Bababudangiri
Hideaway | Bhagirathi EstateHomestay
Hideaway | Bhagirathi Estate
Country Villa Stay in AldurHomestay
Country Villa Stay in Aldur
Coffee Castle | Villa in MathavaraHomestay
Coffee Castle | Villa in Mathavara
Foothills | Stay in HirekolaleHomestay
Foothills | Stay in Hirekolale
Saaranga | Muthodi StayHomestay
Saaranga | Muthodi Stay
Devangi | Stay Near KuppalliHomestay
Devangi | Stay Near Kuppalli
Cycas Stay in BharathipuraHomestay
Cycas Stay in Bharathipura

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