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Nature stays as a new bucket list for travelers in Karnataka

Gone are the days when you had to stay at a hotel to explore places in a destination. Now the most sought-after stays are located in the estates and natural landscapes. The nature stays in Malnad are of a special category for travel enthusiasts. The estate locations are ideal for those interested in exploring and […]

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Holiday itinerary to Explore Coorg, Chikmagalur and Sakleshpur

Here’s a suggested itinerary for a holiday covering Coorg, Chikmagalur, and Sakleshpur: Day 1: Arrival in Bangalore – Coorg Arrive in Bangalore, the nearest major city with an international airport. Take a private taxi or a pre-booked car to Coorg (approximately 5-6 hours’ drive). Check-in at your hotel or homestay in Coorg and relax for […]

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Malnad destinations holiday itinerary

Certainly! The Malnad region in Karnataka, India, is known for its lush greenery, scenic landscapes, and beautiful waterfalls. Here’s a sample itinerary for a holiday in the Malnad region: Day 1: Arrival in Malnad Arrive at your chosen destination in the Malnad region, such as Chikmagalur or Coorg. Check-in to your accommodation and spend the […]

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Exploring the Enchanting Malnad Region: A Homestays and Resorts Trip

The Malnad region in Karnataka, India, is a hidden gem known for its picturesque landscapes, lush greenery, and serene ambiance. To truly immerse yourself in the beauty of this region, consider planning a trip to experience the authentic charm of Malnad through its homestays and resorts. In this article, we will delve into the allure […]

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Nature travel trip to Malnad region for a memorable experience

Nature has always been a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for travelers. From the lush green forests to the rugged mountains and sparkling lakes, nature offers a wealth of breathtaking sights and experiences that are simply unmatched by any holiday experience. One of the places that offer a perfect blend of nature and adventure for […]

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Monsoon in Malnad region and things to do during this season

Monsoon in the Malnad region is a beautiful season for vacation planners. If you are looking for a pleasant trip to nature then choosing a homestay for your accommodation is best. Most of the stays we have are in nature, either amidst the estates or in the peripheral forest regions. If you want to experience […]

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Malnad holiday packages with estate homestay accommodation

Your trip to Malnad Region is made more affordable with Travel Malnad® Holidays Services. If you have been looking to save time money in choosing the best homestay then we have the best deal packages below. Take a free quote online using our portal and get your packages within few minutes. Travel Malnad Homestays Packages Check […]

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Verified malnad homestays for nature holidays in Karnataka

Verified Homestays in Malnad Region We are living in a world where there is little spare time left for us to spend time with nature. Though we all crave to set aside some quality time to spend amidst nature even for a weekend sometimes get impossible. How do we plan a short or long break […]

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Seek the blessings of nature by holidaying in Malnad

There are multiple reasons for a traveller to go on a holiday. Some just want a leisure time with family, few want to explore places, some love adventure activities. No matter whatever could be your idea of vacation the bottom line is the quality time spent with loved ones. Malnad is one such region which […]

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Homestays in Malnad for your future nature holidays in Karnataka

Malnad and nature holidays go hand in hand, you name any adventure, this region has it. Karnataka tourism department has been encouraging the development of this sector for several years. Homestays is one of the segments that has contributed in a big way with giving access for tourists to rural tourism. If you are looking […]

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