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Trip planners and curated homestays in Malnad for Bangalore weekend travelers

Budget Homestays in Malnad Are you living in Bangalore and looking for a weekend getaway? Have you felt overwhelmed with the homestays and resorts options? Are you finding a lot of websites with fake homestay names? Looking to compare and book the best homestay by genuine local hosts and authentic information? Your search ends at […]


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Responsible tourism in Malnad region of Karnataka and the role of homestays

Covid 19 and Homestays in Karnataka The impact of COVID 19 on the economy of India has not left the tourism sector which is one of the worst-hit industries by the pandemic. There is a lot of philosophy talks about the revival of the tourism sector in Karnataka. We are today speaking about responsible tourism […]


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Explore Thirthahalli in Karnataka for your future nature holidays

Thirthahalli is known as the doorway to Malnad region in Karnataka. People of Thirthahalli known for their hospitality from generations to count. There were not much hotels in the ancient times, forget about any homestays which came into existences just a couple of years ago. People here are friendly & hospitable for their guests whether […]


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Homestays in Thirthahalli for your future vacations in Karnataka

Thirthahalli is one of the picturesque Malnad destinations in Karnataka. This place is not just popular for its nature but also for its rich history and legendry leaders from this soil. The popularity of this place is not just for its tourism but for lot of political and literary reasons. Many leaders of Karnataka politics […]


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Best Homestays in Thirthahalli for your vacations in Karnataka

In South India’s tourism spectrum homestays in Karnataka have created a considerable success path. Several private estate and plantation owners have converted their properties to home stay services. We have seen a steady annual growth of number of rooms in Malnad region mostly which is one of the popular destination. Thirthahalli is one of the […]


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