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Malnad – For nature holidays in Karnataka

If you ever wondered why everyone is going on a weekend trip or chilling with friends at a holiday destination then here are a few things you must know. The reason for travel could be very subjective but vacation is something everyone plans with the idea of giving oneself a break from the routine stresses […]

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Significant sightseeing places with historical information in Coorg

Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a beautiful region in the state of Karnataka, India, with a rich history and several significant places that offer historical insights. Some of the notable historical places and sites in Coorg include: Madikeri Fort: Built in the 17th century, Madikeri Fort is a prominent historical landmark in Coorg. It […]

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Malnad destinations holiday itinerary

Certainly! The Malnad region in Karnataka, India, is known for its lush greenery, scenic landscapes, and beautiful waterfalls. Here’s a sample itinerary for a holiday in the Malnad region: Day 1: Arrival in Malnad Arrive at your chosen destination in the Malnad region, such as Chikmagalur or Coorg. Check-in to your accommodation and spend the […]

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Top trending destinations and nature stays in Karnataka

Karnataka has been one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India. You can plan many tour packages for your weekend or long-duration trips. There are several places to cover in Karnataka with adventure activities and nature stays. If you have not explored the Malnad region in Karnataka then you must visit once with […]

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Homestays in Karnataka for a refreshing nature holiday experience

Homestays are famous these days for many reasons. People of all ages opt for a pleasant homestay experience during weekend trips than just a hotel stay. The homestays are a different genre of hospitality services with vivid experiences. You have many things to customize in your homestay package. Homestays in Karnataka are popularly divided into […]

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Useful travel tips and itinerary to visit Karnataka

Karnataka has been one of the most frequented states by tourists from across the nation. If you love history, arts, nature, and adventure then Karnataka has all those options for your trip. There are many homestays and resorts across Karnataka but a few destinations are well known for their geographical character. Malnad is one such […]

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Explore Karnataka with homestays packages at estates & plantations

Malnad Estate Homestays Karnataka is one of the leading holiday destinations in Southern India. Traveler can expect a lot of options to customize their holiday packages. If you are someone who wants to add all elements of a perfect holiday then you must visit a destination like the Malnad region. Malnad has adventure, history, nature, […]

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Estate stays of Malnad for memorable trip experience in Karnataka

Estate Homestays in Karnataka If you have been a nature loving traveller who has travelled many places till now we have brought you more ideas to add to your travel list. Malnad, a region which is a combination several places in Karnataka having some of the best hosts for your trip. There are homestays, cottages, […]

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Holiday investments you make never go in vain

The time and money you invested in holiday will always pay rewards in real-time. Human beings are fond of exploration which is evident from our ancient discoveries. Our ancestors always kept discovering new places to live. The modern day traveler is visiting those places today not just to explore and do sightseeing but to introspect. […]

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Traveling amidst the nature – A blissful experience for trips

If you are a person who seek solace by traveling to nature. Then your trips to Malnad will sure to bring you fond memories. Malnad is a region named after Forest. You can expect green landscapes wherever you travel in the region. There are several destinations under Malnad region for you to plan a holiday. […]

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