List of Top 200 Homestays in Karnataka with professional hosts

If you are a weekender or traveler who love exploring hospitality services you must visit Karnataka. The state popular for its hospitality services. There are several companies that are serving travelers in the state. How do you identify the professional ones for your booking? The job is made easy for you from TravelChords team who is serving since 2005. There are top 200 homestays in Karnataka with qualified hosts providing great hospitality with awesome food.

Homestays are a combination of several services. On and you will be able to choose a stay as per your preference. The online quote comparison makes your life easy and saves your money. The discounts applied are valid for all properties unlike other portals we also offer ad on benefits for travelers. You can speak to our experts now or chat on whatsapp 24×7.

If you are a big family or a corporate group then there are exclusive packages. You will get several offers and cash back benefits by booking online. No fee for any of the services offered on or All you need to spare is your precious time to compare and book. If you are also looking for adding vehicle, trekking, adventure, rafting, safari… then you can request online to add in the itinerary. It’s simple to book an estate or rural homestays in Karnataka and enjoy the grandeur of Mother Nature.

Trekking expedition in the hills of Western Ghats of Malnad Karnataka

If you are a trekker/hiker who love scaling mountains & kissing skies, then you must visit Malnad. I thought of writing this blog about a recent trekking expedition we took in the heart of Malnad region. Malnad falls in the Western Ghats belt of Karnataka. The only destination with several hill stations, valleys, hills, rivers, rivulets, water falls for nature lovers. This was one of the most exciting trekking trail our trekkers group found in the Malnad. This is a reserve forest with wildlife department surveillance. You need to take prior permissions from authorities to enter these forests and hills. Forest department will send a guide/watcher to accompany.

We are a group of trekkers who identify best places for trekking in Malnad region. In Karnataka no other region can offer the most beautiful trekking trails. There are several stays in and around the trekking spots and you can book them on Travel Malnad for a meaningful trip experience. Think of trekking in Malnad you must visit for planning without any hassles.

Western Ghats is protected region:

In the Western Ghats the forest department is striving to protect forest and animals from human activities. Trekkers are advised to speak in low voice while inside the forest region. Mr Hegde kept on informing us about their duties and commitment in preserving the beauty of Western Ghats. There was not a single piece of paper or any trash thrown anywhere in the entire 20 Kms stretch we walked. This was so relieving news for me who always felt sad when I see the trash thrown by educated tourists at sightseeing places of Malnad.

Our trekking journey;

Our trekking began with a small introduction about the forest given by Mr Hegde. We started slowly walking and climbing the hills looking at the grandeur of hills & mountains around us. The sun was shining bright that day making everything around us looked more beautiful. The mountains far away were visible as the mist has subsided for the day. Lines of mountains trailed as long as our eyes can comprehend. We never felt tired as the nature has kept us energized & enthusiastic.

Our senses get a kind of boost by trekking, that no other activity can give. We feel elevated to an all new level of thinking as we climb up the mountain and see the nature around. Human being is a minuscule before the gigantic mountains and the sky above. Our existence amidst the nature like any other animal was just like a molecule for the Mother Nature. We were discussing across our journey about the immense gratification of seeing Western Ghats closely.

Our experience;

Downhill trek was as challenging as the uphill trek. We were toiled by the rough paths with stones and grass all over the place. It was like a test for our immune system to sustain the brunt of sun above and the wildness of forests & hills around us. We had carried a lot of fruits, cookies & water for steady food supply throughout the trek. It was most required as it was one of the most hectic treks I had ever done in the recent years.

Book a stay as per your budget choice using – The only native & rural holiday service provider of Malnad Karnataka.

Countryside holidays in Karnataka – Book an unique homestay, Resort or Hotel

Rural Karnataka has a lot to offer for travelers visiting for weekend breaks. Over the years number of accommodation providers in different segments have increased. These village stays are a must for city dwellers to getaway from their ever tiring work routine. You will spending a small chunk of your hard earned money for a real rejuvenation experience. Countryside Karnataka is well known for nature holiday destinations for travel enthusiasts.

The rural homestays in Karnataka listed by TravelMalnad are the best in the market. The team has strived more than 15 years for creating happy travel community visiting Karnataka. Indians and foreign visitors of listed homestays and resorts have appreciated the services. All bookings made till date are 100% safe and secured. Your confirmation vouchers has flexi pay option, cashbacks, safe cancellations and no surprises at the property.

The reason for travelers to love our services has derived from several factors. We are not bulk room selling attitude companies who care only for volumes. We care for quality of services & experience offered by our verified hosts. The homestays are resorts listed under Travel Malnad are thoroughly pre checked. The hosts and managers at the properties are highly qualified with a passion for tourism & hospitality.

10 Top reasons to choose for homestay and resorts or hotel booking in Karnataka.

  1. Authentic service providers: The listed homestays & resorts are run by passionate owners/hosts/managers. They are in the business to promote destinations. We are working only with the top ranking hosts.
  2. Easy and secure booking: Travel Malnad in last 15 years till date has no booking complaint. All reservations are done transparently by host acceptance of booking. So no complains of “No Room Situation” till date. We take pride in serving our guests as our own friends and family. We are building an awesome travel community not “Customers”.
  3. Check availability & Book: We make sure that all your reservations/payments happen only with assured availability. Once booked the reservation voucher is a valid document for your trip. Visit the destination peacefully and check in any time with our flexible check in policies designed to help our guests. Your bookings/payments are accepted only with 100% availability confirmation.
  4. Secure website: is a fully digitally secure website for your bookings & payments. Thousands of host list their property happily to take their guest bookings safely through us. None of your personal information can be accessed by any third parties.
  5. We care your trip: The promoters at Travel Malnad are extensive travelers themselves. They have been so passionate in fine tuning your trip planner experience. All services are added with thorough background check. We care that your trip should be awesome.
  6. Copyrights Registered Brand: Travel Malnad is a copyrights & intellectual property rights registered brand. The brand is verified by legal parameters and given the ‘Registered’ status. We take utmost care to give you the best holiday experience.
  7. Book in 5 Minutes: Once you are done with comparison & analysis, take a free quote. It takes less than 5 minutes to process your query. You can book quickly without wasting your valuable time.
  8. Malnad cuisines: We are happy to announce our guests that our hosts prepare best Malnad Cuisine in Karnataka. Your taste buds will feel happy & smiling. Food is customized to your taste & preferences to make sure you have a happy tummy during the trip.
  9. Corporate / Group Event Holidays: We are the pioneer company who organizes live music, Yakshagana, Dance Performances, Destination Weddings… for you. We are the only company who offer combo package for those looking for both holiday & events clubbed.
  10. 100% Trusted Partners: We are in the industry for more than 15 years now. Our partners are with us from our early days. They are serving our guests with same spirit and passion as they did in the beginning. Your reviews and feedbacks keep us all motivated. The homestays, Resorts & Hotels working with us refer their friends and partners to work with us after appreciating our work culture. Till date we don’t have a single payment or booking complaint by any of our partners.

Last but not the least “ Travel Malnad is serving the guests to make them happy, because your holiday is your most precious time you saved for your friends & family”. We respect that precious time of yours and we continuously strive to make our services better. We are a small team of passionate travelers helping fellow travelers have the best holiday experience in Karnataka.

Travelers love us because ‘We do not advertise fake promotions only to lure website visits or increase CTR’. We offer best discounts for every booking without compromising or cutting down any of the services offered in the package.


The Team,

Serving Travelers Since 2005!

Sakleshpura in Karnataka – Homestays, Resorts, Hotels, Adventure & many more

Weekenders from Bangalore have found a new travel getaway. Sakleshpura is a new sort after vacation destination in Karnataka. There are multiple hospitality services offered by companies like Travel Malnad in these regions. You can choose from variety of options, types of rooms, duration of stay, flexible check in, cashback offers on If you are planning a trip with a large group size, then you must opt for “Group Deals” exclusively designed for corporate.

There are several things to do and places to cover in Sakleshpura. If you are taking a weekend trip, then you can plan the itinerary accordingly. Experts at Travel Malnad can help you design an itinerary as per your preferences. There are both relaxation and adventure related places to visit for you. Photographers call this destination a paradise to entice their camera lenses.

How to book homestay in Sakleshpur?

You can book homestays and resorts in Sakleshpur from the comfort of your office or home. All you need to do is request a free quote to book online. It takes only a few minutes to get an update on availability. Your online reservations not only guarantee peace of mind while traveling but also cash back offers. If you are a corporate company looking to get affiliated free of cost for continuous online offers. You must write to us on

Homestays in Thirthahalli – Sightseeing and itinerary tips

Thirthahalli is a quiet little township on Tunga river bank in Malnad Region. This is one of the magnificent destinations with several things to do in and around the area. You can plan an itinerary adding adventure & relaxation elements in your sightseeing. One of the places in Karnataka for witnessing the grandeur of Natural landscapes & forests. If you are planning a rural holiday then several homestays, resort and cottages to rent in the estates.

Village visits is one of the common activities organized by listed properties under Travel Malnad. There are different types of homestays in Thirthahalli for your comparison. You choose a stay as per your budget to have a fulfilling holiday experience. Staying in Thirthahalli you can cover nearby places like Sringeri, Agumbe, Udupi, Malpe, Manipal, Kodachadri, Kundadri, Kuppalli, Bheemanakatte… It solely depends on number of days and nights you are planning to spend here. Based on your requirement we can give suitable itinerary tips.

There are many occasions during which the destination is lit with colorful lights everywhere. Speak to our experts to get specific dates and season for visiting during special occasions. Adventure seekers have found this destination a paradise for their trips. There are premium holiday homes and cottage rentals available for your holiday. Take a free quote for your trip and start customizing your quote.

Neelakurinji flower blossoms in Chikmagalur after 12 years

The mention of a hill station like Chikmagalur sends vibrations inside the traveler mind in you. Nature has a very powerful way of communicating to human beings. If you have visited Chikmagalur during the blossom of Neelakurinji in 2006 then this blog becomes more relevant for you. Luckily the natural process of Neelakurinji blossom on the slopes of hills in Western Ghats, especially in Chikmagalur. It will be a wonderful opportunity for travelers to visit this hill station for a spectacular view of flower carpeted hills.

You can plan your trip by staying at homestays of Chikmagalur. Either of the accommodation can be ideal for you to visit he hills. If you are not aware of the terrains then you must read our other blogs about Chikmagalur. You need to be dressed and equipped to trek if you have already sought necessary permission from the local authorities. Visiting the hills for witnessing the flower blossom can be your lifetime memory.

As we all know Chikkmagalore is well connected by buses and train. You can also drive your own vehicle since the stretches between Chikmagalur and Bangalore is scenic. You can compare different hotels in Chikmagalur before making reservations. The stays listed in TravelMalnad are not just cherry picked but are well reviewed by customers. You can call our experts to get guidance on this trip or simply start shopping on our portal. Do not miss the opportunity of witnessing the flowers which have blossomed after good 12 years.


The incredible trip to Malnad – Mindfullness at homestays

Malnad is one of my favorite getaways in South India. In Karnataka this region has the best climate throughout the year. We are now having a travel partner like Travel Malnad where we can find incredible and unique stays. There are a lot of hotels and alternate stays for our trips these days. However, a travel partner with immense local knowledge can help us explore the unexplored. Since I have read a lot of blogs about I have chosen them as my travel advisor for all trips to and from Karnataka.

Unique holiday option;

Homestays in malnad are a unique concept for holiday connoisseurs like me. My previous trip was a combination of visiting to paddy fields, areca plantations, adventure, river rafting etc. I had squeezed ample time in this busy schedule read & finish a lot of my books that was pending from ages. Imagine you are sitting in the midst of paddy field holding your favorite book under the shade of a big tree. The sound of grass, rivulet, chirping birds around all add to the perfect meditative set up. You can call this perfect mindfulness. The relief and comfort your soul receives is unmatchable.

Blissfulness of nature;

The anointing touch of Mother Nature on our soul will be such that we forget worlds. My stress was all relieved in just one hour of blissful time spend amidst the nature. We often complain about time constraints when it comes to spending a few amidst breathing fresh air in nature. The holiday at homestays in malnad has become like a mindfulness meditation time for me these days. I run from all over India to Malnad and spend good time there before getting to my next task.


Mr Sakethan


Hotels in Thirthahalli for your adventure trip planner

Thirthahalli is the gateway of Malnad region with several things to do for adventure seekers. The destinations is well connected with national highways from major cities in South India. Besides sightseeing in Tirthahalli you can also plan to cover hill stations and beaches. You can club several destinations in and around Thirthahalli for your trip. This is the only destination in Malnad that has close proximity to Coastal region.

If you stay for 2 nights then you can visit beaches in Malpe or Udupi & fine dine at Manipal. There are a lot of restaurants en-route to Udupi where you can enjoy best coastal cuisines. If you are planning to fly back to your destination then you can catch a flight from Mangalore. We have complete itineraries for your holiday planners. There are cottages, villas, homestays, resorts & star category properties in our list. You can get free quotes to compare your stays before making reservations.

While visiting Thirthahalli you can club nearby destinations to make it more fun trip. You can club Chikmagalur, Sakleshpura or Coastal Karnataka as part of your holiday planner. All these destinations are well connected by roadways. Our itinerary will assist you in sorting the best sightseeing places. If you are travelling in group then you can write to us or request quote for discounts & more activities. Your trip is highly customizable on our portal. Take  free quote and book hotels in Thirthahalli online.

I travel, I explore, I meet possibilities

The age old practice of human beings for mind refreshment is travelling. When I travel there are a lot of things I get to explore & learn. Destinations are not just places but access to possibilities. We learn, we explore, we meet people, we are influenced by places & its people. Professionally, I am an entrepreneur and an agriculturist simultaneously. I spend equal time between my family, agriculture and business with time management. I pack bags and hop on to my vehicle to explore places with my family on most of the weekends. We are so much inspired by travelling that somehow travel finds time itself to fit into our schedule.

Flashback trip memoirs;

A year back I was working on a project almost relentlessly. It had kept so busy during the week days that I was stressed most of the time. The only favorite pass time I chose then was travelling to nature holiday destinations. I started trying Travel Malnad homestays services and stayed calmly tucked in the forest, estates, plantations and greenery. My first trip to one of the homestay suggested by the team TravelMalnad was during the mid-October last year. I was completely relaxed and back to work with more energy required to fine tune my business ideas. On Monday when I met my team at the office everyone told that I was looking fresh & younger.

The reason I have been telling this story to you all is simple. In today’s never ending competitive world we do not find time to care ourselves. What is travel? Basically, we organise time and space to escape from our daily routine. Yes, it’s essential to take a break once in a while for your travel endeavours. It fuels your brain with energy that is crucial for solving problems or planning projects. You can try by just going on a long drive to one of the destinations using It’s an unbiased & genuine holiday service provider with lakhs of visitors.

Travelling gives happiness;

Travel can generate a lot of chemical formations within us which is essential for happiness. One can achieve better in their work life if they are equipped with a happy mindset. It’s very easy to be happy by opting for vacation-mode from work-mode. I can confidently convey everyone that it works if you keep faith in it. Time will be organised as the mind starts planning things more effectively. I have been benefited by travel a lot hence felt like sharing the same through TravelMalnad Blog. Thanks in advance to TravelMalnad guys for generously sharing my blog on your portal.



Culinary journey down the Malnad and Coastal Karnataka

Culinary trips are my most interesting holiday breaks. I choose right travel partners to book my stays for a meaningful culinary journey. This time my pick was Travel Malnad ( which is a flamboyant experiential holiday service. Guys in this team have a great taste for giving unlimited genuine trip experiences for their guests. This time my long pending destination was covered in a style. Along with culinary, Travel Maland exposed me to several other activities that I otherwise wouldn’t have planned on my own.

Food has history, taste, style, methods, cultures, traditions, seasons, designs, shapes… engrained in it. I love trying food that is evolved over the years with people. Malnad can be called a conglomerate of different people cooking different cuisines. They may be related to their tradition with a tinge of cultural backgrounds. The tastes of food tell stories of our ancestors who have tried different methods of food preparations.

As Karnataka is known as “one state many worlds” the food is also a diverse experience. Within one district each taluk can have unique food preferences by its people. Cuisines here are so diverse that we were awestruck each time we were introduced to a new taste. You need not have to be a chef to experience and understand food. If you love food and trying out new cuisines, then you must take up this culinary trip with Travel Malnad.

People in these regions love preparing new food items for their guests. We came across a lot of top hoteliers from these regions whose chain of hotels are present pan India today. Malnad with its tropical climate has seasonal food varieties as well. Like the dialects is region based so is the cuisines in Malnad and Coastal Region. What you eat in Malenadu may be also available in Coastal but with a different style and taste.

I am a foodie by birth who have traveled across lengths and breadths of India tasting & learning cuisines. My trip began covering highway hotels nestled on Bangalore to Thirthahalli highway. I chose to visit Thirthahalli first as it was told to me the gateway to Malnad region in Karnataka via Shimoga city. Thirthahalli has several variety of dishes like Akki Kadabu, Aape, Jackfruit Kadabu, Neer Dosa… Non vegetarians can try fish, chicken, mutton dishes with combination of Kadabu and Neer Dosa. There were special homemade rasam and sambhar powders which we picked up for cooking back home.

Our journey continued to the Coastal Karnataka with entry point as Udupi. The coastal delights are fish fries, fish curries, neer dosa, appam, chicken ghee roast, idli, paddu… There were other dishes too which we have buffered for the next trip. Overall my trip was filled with food made with passion & attention to details. I recommend you to take a holiday planner with food safari planned by Travel Malnad and Travel Chords Team. Explore cuisines of Malnad and Coastal Karnataka on your vacation & have great fun.


Mr Mathew