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Malnad homestays in Karnataka that are best known for tasty food and friendly hosts

The tourism industry in Karnataka opened a new chapter with the introduction of homestay accommodation for the tourists. We have all loved to stay at a family who has been the native of the destination we are visiting. This travel dream is made possible for all travelers to visit Karnataka with Malnad homestays accommodation. If […]


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Homestay services in Karnataka to explore the woods and estates of Malnad Region

There is a spike in the visitor numbers to homestays in Karnataka in recent years as per the private referendum data. A lot of domestic and foreign tourists have started to choose homestays for their accommodation compared to the past booking statistics. What could be the reason behind the choice? It’s a mix of several […]


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Choose a stay option for experiential holidays in Karnataka

Team outing, adventure trips, trekking and experiential holiday services in Malnad Karnataka.


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Culinary journey down the Malnad and Coastal Karnataka

Culinary trips are my most interesting holiday breaks. I choose right travel partners to book my stays for a meaningful culinary journey. This time my pick was Travel Malnad ( which is a flamboyant experiential holiday service. Guys in this team have a great taste for giving unlimited genuine trip experiences for their guests. This […]


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