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Nature holiday destinations in Karnataka and being a responsible traveler

Nature! The moment this word is mentioned your mind will associate different topics to it. Oftentimes nature is considered as a Mother of all. She is offering bounties selflessly to everyone on earth. Isn’t it unfair that all her love, caress, healing touch and basic necessities provided to human is taken for granted in these […]


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Nature is a great teacher of spirituality – Malnad is a testimony to it

Nature is offering everything to human beings selflessly. The sun doesn’t shine for itself, rivers don’t drink its water, trees don’t eat their own fruits, and flower’s fragrance is not for itself. The rule of nature shows that living for each other is the essence of life. Sharing is the way of caring for each […]


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Experiential holiday services in Karnataka for nature travel enthusiasts

Gone are the days where you book only hotels for your holiday. There are different segments of accommodation available now with competitive pricing. However, all those information available online may not suit your holiday requirement. You may be looking for customizing your trip with unique experiences. I wanted to share with you my holiday planner […]


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