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Rustic is the new luxury at homestays in malnad

Going for a vacation is almost synonymous with relaxing your mind and body. We live in a world where once in a while our mind searches for someplace quiet and serene. Yes, it is very important to keep your creative spirits high by relaxing your mind. What are the best methods to relax your mind? […]

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Things to consider while searching and booking Malnad homestays

Your vacation planner is made with a lot of information available on the internet. How do you analyze the data and use it for your decision-making process? Planning a homestay holiday is very easy on portals like Travel Malnad. We have simplified the search process; you can customize the booking to save money. While planning […]

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Speciality of malnad homestays accommodation

Authentic Cultural Experience: Staying in a Malnad homestay allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions. The hosts are typically local families who provide warm hospitality and share their way of life with the guests. You can engage in activities like traditional cooking, farming, and learning about local customs and festivals. Scenic […]

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Nature travel trip to Malnad region for a memorable experience

Nature has always been a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for travelers. From the lush green forests to the rugged mountains and sparkling lakes, nature offers a wealth of breathtaking sights and experiences that are simply unmatched by any holiday experience. One of the places that offer a perfect blend of nature and adventure for […]

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Kythanamakki trekking near Horanadu in Malnad

Trekkers are increasing in numbers these days in Karnataka. As there are many trekking trails open for tourism now, so does the number of enthusiasts has also increased. If you plan a mesmerizing trip to Malnad, adding the Kyathanamakki trek can be a lot of fun. The location of the Kyathanamakki hills is ideal for […]

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Malnad homestays in Karnataka for your adventure trips

Malnad is the best destination for trips filled with adventure ideas. We have been serving several biker clubs and trekking groups coming to Karnataka for the past 10 years. One thing you will never miss to notice in Malnad is adventure places wherever you travel. Karnataka tourism department and Forest departments are working closely to […]

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Upcoming airport in Malnad region of Karnataka

Malnad is a beautiful destination in Karnataka known among nature lovers as ‘paradise on earth’. If you have already made a road trip to Malnad then you might have seen its grandeur already. Malnad region is well connected by roadways and railways now it’s going to be also connected by airways. Malnad region is getting […]

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Best malnad homestays in Karnataka for your trip

Your dream vacation in Karnataka can be planned with us by choosing the right homestay suiting your requirement. We recommend you to plan a trip with professionals who can help you not just with booking rooms but with comprehensive services. We are serving clients for more than 10 years and we have learned that only […]

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Nostalgic memories of malenadu region in Karnataka

I am Malenadiga by birth and spent my entire childhood at my grandmother’s place. I am very sure that a lot of Malenadigas will connect with this piece of writing about our lovely motherland. The misty mornings, smoke and fragrance from the kitchen, chirping birds, and breeze on our faces all remind us how lucky […]

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Trip planners and curated homestays in Malnad for Bangalore weekend travelers

Budget Homestays in Malnad Are you living in Bangalore and looking for a weekend getaway? Have you felt overwhelmed with the homestays and resorts options? Are you finding a lot of websites with fake homestay names? Looking to compare and book the best homestay by genuine local hosts and authentic information? Your search ends at […]

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