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Weekend getaway to a nature holiday destination in Karnataka

The millennial traveller is bombarded with marketing emails and messages from holiday promoters daily. Today’s traveller plans a trip with more precision and awareness. Weekend trips are no exception to this theory of holiday planning mode. People from all walks of life have embraced the culture of taking a break to spend time outstation doing […]


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Homestay services in Karnataka to explore the woods and estates of Malnad Region

There is a spike in the visitor numbers to homestays in Karnataka in recent years as per the private referendum data. A lot of domestic and foreign tourists have started to choose homestays for their accommodation compared to the past booking statistics. What could be the reason behind the choice? It’s a mix of several […]


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The homestays of Malnad for a relaxed holiday experience

The homestay hospitality service is an unique accommodation service for tourists visiting Malnad region. If you are first time visitor or may have only heard about homestays from friends or family, we will try to explain the merits and limits below. If there are misconstrued elements about the services offered by a homestay we will […]


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Mind, Meditation, Malnad and Nature for your holiday

The holidaying reasons can be unique from person to person. Family trips, friends trips, colleagues trips and relaxation trips. Today we shall elaborate on the relaxation part of your trip in Malnad Karnataka. Those who are living in cities with round the clock work & family routines can connect well with this article. When you […]


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