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Authentic malnad homestays in Karnataka

List of authentic hosts of malnad homestays Malnad is not just a region these days, you can call it a cluster of holiday destinations. You have umpteen homestays, resorts, and hotels in this region operating at several locations. How to choose the best options for your trip? This question is answered very effectively by the […]


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Weekend getaway planners at homestays in Karnataka

Malnad Homestays in Karnataka Tourism in Karnataka has been more popular among travelers looking for different genres of holiday after homestay services started. The homestays are nestled in the greenery, estates, and plantations. Some are at the edge of the forests and tucked on the hilltops on revenue lands. The traveler will have a lot […]


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Homestay Concept in Karnataka

Homestay concept is only a few years old in India. A house inside a farm or plantation converted and open for tourist accommodation is called homestay. These houses are converted by people who live there. A portion of the heritage house, hill cottage or a villa is redone for serving visitors. Guests can enjoy the […]


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