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Driving destinations has become a new normal in Karnataka for travellers

Malnad Destinations for holiday in Karnataka The travel community has seen one of the extraordinary years called 2020. People would have never thought that ‘driving destinations’ will become the new normal. Yes, we all agree that we have not thought of a situation where flying became a hassle. The year has almost come to an […]


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Weekend getaway planners at homestays in Karnataka

Malnad Homestays in Karnataka Tourism in Karnataka has been more popular among travelers looking for different genres of holiday after homestay services started. The homestays are nestled in the greenery, estates, and plantations. Some are at the edge of the forests and tucked on the hilltops on revenue lands. The traveler will have a lot […]


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Karnataka holiday planner with homestay accommodation

The state of Karnataka is one of its kind popular holiday destinations in India. We call it a complete package for travellers with different types of holiday requirement. Each destination in Karnataka can be revisited multiple times even for a long duration stay with adventure activities. Homestay accommodation has become one of the popular alternated […]


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