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The travel destinations that teach us lessons beyond ordinary

The travel philosophy has evolved a lot in this decade. Our conversation about planning a trip or going on a vacation is a lot more vibrant and thrilling. Once we sit down to jolt down the planner for a trip online we encounter a larger world than we assumed in our minds. The vacation planner […]


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Malnad is the destination for real rejuvenation by staying at nature stays

The destination selection for a trip with friends and families is a challenge. We often seek help from our friends who have traveled to a destination recently. Every individual has their own taste for travel and a selection of vacation destinations. We have tried to give you a nutshell about this great holiday destination in […]


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Trending top destinations in Karnataka for weekend travel

Weekend travelers from different parts of Karnataka now look for unique and comfortable stay and holiday experiences. Many of you would be wondering which are the most popular destinations. How about checking out some of the unexplored and trending destinations for your next weekend? Weekends are a short break from the busy work schedule and […]


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Homestays in Karnataka for a refreshing nature holiday experience

Homestays are famous these days for many reasons. People of all ages opt for a pleasant homestay experience during weekend trips than just a hotel stay. The homestays are a different genre of hospitality services with vivid experiences. You have many things to customize in your homestay package. Homestays in Karnataka are popularly divided into […]


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How does it feel like a loyal customer of Travel Malnad® for 12 years

When you are a loyal customer of a brand or company, you will always expect more from them each time. That is the case with me, as I am enthusiastic about travel going all over the world. Recent covid pandemics have paused my international travel for almost 2 years. And I have been extensively using […]


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Plan your future dream vacations in Karnataka at Malnad Homestay

We live in a world full of busy work assignments in addition to our personal life commitments. The leisure planning always falls in the lowest priority list for most of us. Though we want to explore more places, meet people, enjoy life it becomes like future planner. We sometimes postpone it due to several challenges […]


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Homestay Concept in Karnataka

Homestay concept is only a few years old in India. A house inside a farm or plantation converted and open for tourist accommodation is called homestay. These houses are converted by people who live there. A portion of the heritage house, hill cottage or a villa is redone for serving visitors. Guests can enjoy the […]


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Karnataka Homestays

Homestay is a unique concept that is quite popular these days. The host families offering a decent stay and good food has become popular among travelers across the globe. Karnataka Homestays are very popular for their rich heritage and hospitality catered to the travelers. You are never considered as a customer at homestays but always […]


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