When you are a loyal customer of a brand or company, you will always expect more from them each time. That is the case with me, as I am enthusiastic about travel going all over the world. Recent covid pandemics have paused my international travel for almost 2 years. And I have been extensively using Travel Malnad® services to visit resorts and homestays in and around the Malnad region. As mentioned in the title of this post, I am traveling with them for more than 12 years now. Each time I make a booking all my planners, itineraries, and stays are meticulously planned by the team at Travel Malnad®.

The team is very generous to me not because I am a loyal customer for more than 10 years, but their company ethics make them do it for all travelers. I am writing this because I am not sure how many people would spend time really thanking people who are genuine to them. There is another reason why I started a blog post to thank the team. Briefly, for about a couple of months, I tried all other service providers including big brands. Many of them gave me ‘fake names’ for genuine property. They took my payments for an x stay and tried to push me for a y stay. I was really surprised how other travelers are able to adjust to such terms of booking.

I was speaking once with the promoter of Travel Malnad® about these nuisances created by other companies. Usually, most of the promoters will bad mouth about their competition. But, to my surprise, the boss at Travel Malnad® told me a few things that I would take as a lesson. He said ‘I came to this industry because I am from the Malnad region. I never lie about my region or give wrong information to travelers at any cost or any point in time’. Simple, but it’s most required in this world where people want to sell anything and everything to make money without giving a thought about how the person would feel if something goes wrong.

Then onwards I booked always with Travel Malnad for a specific reason. We need to support and promote genuine people behind the genuine business. The intent of the promoter is like you are doing a transaction with your family or friend. I keep quoting the very words to my team while we are cornered in situations where other people want us to take the wrong routes. His words keep ringing in my ears always that he told me ‘I am truthful to myself first’ then rest will follow.

Travel Malnad® was celebrating 10 years of service in the industry. They connected with all their loyal customers who stood strong with them for more than 10 years. They sent me a special thank you gift to my address. I was away when it arrived and couldn’t call them immediately. I really felt touched by the value system this team believes and follows. I felt like my close friend or a family member remembered me and sent me something nice. Commerce is good, but we should have humanity first approach is all I learned by dealing with a company like Travel Malnad®.

I would like to also tell you what the partners (homestays & resorts) of the company said. I have gone to many homestays and all of them told me one thing in common about Travel Malnad® ‘we are glad to do business with them and their payments are up to date and we have not lost a single rupee to date’. They used to compare them with big brands who have kept huge bills pending to the hosts. I am a great fan of businesses that work on clean ethics and high professionalism. I am sure that even after 50 years in service the company will have the same spirit and work ethic.


Warm Regards,