We live in a world full of busy work assignments in addition to our personal life commitments. The leisure planning always falls in the lowest priority list for most of us. Though we want to explore more places, meet people, enjoy life it becomes like future planner. We sometimes postpone it due to several challenges faced at office or home. It is important for human beings to spend good time in nature atleast when they want to go on a holiday.  You will learn several new things from your own introspections by travelling. You get ample time for yourself even though you are travelling with a group of friends or family members.

Travel is one of the age old methods inherited by human beings to experience a change in lifestyle or to explore new horizons. There is a famous proverb which goes like this ‘Read Books and Travel the World’. We are on earth for a limited period of journey and we should try to make best of it. Travel enhances the perspectives of us, as we see more places it gives us more insight to different lifestyles. Karnataka is one such wonderful destination with several things to explore for travellers.

Once the travel restrictions are removed post Covid 19 situation in India, we recommend you to visit Karnataka. While you plan your accommodation we recommend Malnad homestay as your stay. These stays are situated in the forest and estate regions of Malnad Karnataka with several activities to during your holiday. There are several stays in each destination and TravelMalnad.com helps you compare details of stays before make reservations.

Malnad homestay is like a segment in itself with warm hospitality by native hosts. You will be able to experience the authenticity of the place you are visiting if you have booked a stay with us. The packages at our stays can be customized as per your requirement. The budget can be reduced by avoiding unnecessary elements of your holiday package. We are in this industry since 2005 and with our expertise we can assist you have a smooth vacation experience in Karnataka.


PLEASE NOTE: Plan all your travel post Lockdown Period. Social Distancing is advised even after the Lockdown Ends. As of now, Stay Home and Stay Safe. Follow the instructions as per Indian Government.