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Best road trips from Bangalore for your weekend getaways to homestays

Best Road Trips from Bangalore The holiday is one of the most celebrated moments for human beings for several ages. People plan a trip to destinations for relaxation and exploration. Some travelers are food freaks and want to try different cuisines to satisfy their taste buds. We at Travel Malnad® have all types of weekend […]


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Trip planners and curated homestays in Malnad for Bangalore weekend travelers

Budget Homestays in Malnad Are you living in Bangalore and looking for a weekend getaway? Have you felt overwhelmed with the homestays and resorts options? Are you finding a lot of websites with fake homestay names? Looking to compare and book the best homestay by genuine local hosts and authentic information? Your search ends at […]


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Compare and book best Malnad homestays in Karnataka

Book homestays in Malnad The homestays in the Maland region are spread across the lengths & breadths of the region. Travelers must be aware of the fact that Malnad is a region comprising few destinations only. The concept of homestays can be generalized for entire Karnataka but Malnad homestays are specific to a region. If […]


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Planters lifestyle in the Malnad region of Karnataka

Estate and Plantation Homestays in Malnad The planters of the Malnad region in Karnataka are mostly estate owners of Arecanut, Coffee, Tea cultivation. Most of the planters in this region have inherited their property from their ancestors. A very small percentage of planters would be newcomers who are not from an agricultural background but chose […]


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Estate stays of Malnad for memorable trip experience in Karnataka

Estate Homestays in Karnataka If you have been a nature loving traveller who has travelled many places till now we have brought you more ideas to add to your travel list. Malnad, a region which is a combination several places in Karnataka having some of the best hosts for your trip. There are homestays, cottages, […]


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Malnad holiday packages with estate homestay accommodation

Your trip to Malnad Region is made more affordable with Travel Malnad® Holidays Services. If you have been looking to save time money in choosing the best homestay then we have the best deal packages below. Take a free quote online using our portal and get your packages within few minutes. Travel Malnad Homestays Packages Check […]


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