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Hillstation in Malnad Karnataka

Malnad region in Karnataka is known for its beautiful hill stations that are nestled amidst lush greenery and offer a serene escape from the bustling city life. Here are some popular hill stations in the Malnad region of Karnataka: Chikmagalur: Chikmagalur is a picturesque hill station famous for its coffee plantations, misty hills, and pleasant […]

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Guide to visit destinations in Malnad with staying recommendations

The travel season has just begun, and many of you are already planning a trip. This is the right time to visit Malnad destination as the weather is perfect for your vacation. The destinations in Malnad are picturesque during all seasons. You can pamper your mind and soul by visiting nature holiday destinations in Malnad. […]

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Top destinations and Malnad homestays for your trip

Malnad is a very famous green destination in Karnataka. The estate and forest stays in the Malnad region are very popular among tourists looking for relaxation amidst nature. If you are wondering where to go this weekend for a leisure trip then this piece of writing can be useful for you. Different types of tourist […]

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Popular holiday destinations in Malnad

Malnad is a popular holiday destination in recent years because of its proximity to major cities in Karnataka. The destinations in the Malnad region are famous among tourists for their natural wonders. If you are visiting Malnad means that you can not miss visiting mountains, hills, waterfalls, valleys, and hilltop homestays. Malnad is the only […]

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Updated list of homestays in Malnad region

Homestays in Malnad Are you planning to visit the malnad region in Karnataka? The Travel Malnad® will give you all the answers you are looking for. Malnad region is a conglomerate of several top green destinations in Karnataka. If you are a traveler looking for adventure, rejuvenation, or village tourism then Malnad region is the […]

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Nostalgic memories of malenadu region in Karnataka

I am Malenadiga by birth and spent my entire childhood at my grandmother’s place. I am very sure that a lot of Malenadigas will connect with this piece of writing about our lovely motherland. The misty mornings, smoke and fragrance from the kitchen, chirping birds, and breeze on our faces all remind us how lucky […]

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Malnad Holidays at countryside cottages in Karnataka by Travel Malnad®

Yes, we agree that now that the hospitality business has stopped operations it has not left Malnad areas. Due to COVID 19, the whole world has seen this as a growing & developing opportunity. Hospitality providers in the Malnad region have en-cashed the lock-down to improve their service standards. Some have invested time & money […]

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Experiential holiday services in Karnataka for nature travel enthusiasts

Gone are the days where you book only hotels for your holiday. There are different segments of accommodation available now with competitive pricing. However, all those information available online may not suit your holiday requirement. You may be looking for customizing your trip with unique experiences. I wanted to share with you my holiday planner […]

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Holidays that can inspire you – Visit Malnad

If you are a traveler who love exploring unexplored places and stay at unique holiday homes, then you must visit Malnad region in Karnataka. Malnad is a cluster of beautiful places spread across green landscapes. The place has ample number of hospitality providers offering luxury accommodation and authentic cuisines. If you want to take the […]

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