If you are a traveler who love exploring unexplored places and stay at unique holiday homes, then you must visit Malnad region in Karnataka. Malnad is a cluster of beautiful places spread across green landscapes. The place has ample number of hospitality providers offering luxury accommodation and authentic cuisines. If you want to take the road less travelled then you must visit Malnad in Karnataka.

The locations of the stays in Malnad are either in plantations or forest region and you will love the panoramic view right from your bedroom. The last mile connectivity to the homestays and resorts in rural Malnad are good and you will be well guided by the GPS systems. Travel Malnad has itineraries that can give you a unique holiday experience. The leisure time you have is the most precious and we value it and give you the best holiday ideas.

Your ideal itinerary;

We organise your holiday planner based exclusively on your requirement and tastes. The duration of your holiday can be short or long one but we have designed itineraries to suit all travelers with different preferences. While you are planning a holiday, two things become paramount whether you are visiting to just laze or take sightseeing trips. If you are coming for a relaxing experience and no need of sightseeing then you can choose remote location for your stay with a stunning valley view or hill view. All day you can laze in the plantations, sip coffee, read books and exercise in the nature.

Sightseeing Itinerary;

Sightseeing in Malnad region should be planned with expert inputs else there could be chances of loss of your valuable time during the trip. If you are planning a short duration visit then you can dissect your day balancing time for sightseeing as well as relaxation. Most of the evenings you can allocate for nice campfire and relaxation. During the day you must visit places that really interests you and engages you. All these can be planned by our team with precision for your trip in Malnad.


Choosing where to stay can be one of the crucial element in the planner and you need to consider several factors. The proximity to sightseeing places, cuisines, quality of rooms, facilities and location matters while selecting your stay. TravelMalnad enables its visitors with comparison tool to evaluate all factors before doing reservation. You can book your rooms online without any hassles and can travel peacefully with reservation voucher.

Why choose Travel Malnad®?

Travel Malnad® offers several options for staying in each destination of Malnad. The pioneer rural tourism promoter in Malnad has a 10 years of presence and offers most suitable holiday option for the visitors. The happy customers of our services have appreciated our detailed planning when it comes to Malnad region. So thinking of stays in Malnad then choose Travel Malnad®. The only service provider which has been providing online homestays reservation with seamless itinerary planners and with rail, air or bus ticketing from wherever you are travelling.