Yes, we agree that now that the hospitality business has stopped operations it has not left Malnad areas. Due to COVID 19, the whole world has seen this as a growing & developing opportunity. Hospitality providers in the Malnad region have en-cashed the lock-down to improve their service standards. Some have invested time & money in upgrading their infrastructure with more amenities. There are few agri-tourism stays contributing to our Malnad Holidays packages from 2005 and they have included few more activities to their list in the COVID Lockdown time.

When you visit Malnad in the future for a holiday it will be a more fun-filled experience than ever before. Your trip will be a renewed experience with refreshing activities & organic food to tickle your taste buds. There were challenges to keep staff engaged, give them a salary without any revenues. Besides all shortcomings, the hospitality sector in Malnad is more blessed because of its agricultural activities. Agriculture in Malnad has not stopped. Which is why we always call Malnad a prosperous region. Some stays are ready to accept guests with all safety & hygiene measures. They are waiting to get an approval and official nod from the state government to start their operations.

Explore Malnad holiday packages are designed by Travel Malnad® and catering to lakhs of visitors to Malnad every year. However, there are a lot of shady business owners who tried to either copy our intellectual property, trademark, service themes. They have been dealt with time to time under relevant laws with a hefty penalty for misuse & infringement of our trademarks & intellectual property.

So we request all our guests to make bookings with Travel Malnad® only at the website or our official social pages. We have a certain yardstick for delivering only the best holiday experiences. We request you to use only Travel Malnad® branded content & listings to get the best malnad trip experience in Karnataka. Our team is proud to announce to our users & guests that we have a guest loyalty of close to 90%. They trust us for a reason and we appreciate it and deliver more than we promise. Remember, holiday in Malnad is not just about a ‘room booking’ or a ‘stay’ or ‘discount deals’. It’s like a philosophy to us that we as a team ‘always strive to give only the best Malnad Holidays Experience’ to our guests. Try our services for your future travel to Karnataka.