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We are living in a world where there is little spare time left for us to spend time with nature. Though we all crave to set aside some quality time to spend amidst nature even for a weekend sometimes get impossible. How do we plan a short or long break from what we do and where do we find such a peaceful place? All these answers are delivered in the form of malnad homestays services offered by Travel Malnad®. Nature is like a philosopher and friend among us with a purity of love towards all creatures living in its care. Human beings would assume themselves the smartest creature on earth with access to all luxury lifestyles. However, without nature, you cannot just imagine a life existing on this earth. It has all the power to create or destroy anything on earth.

Homestays in Malnad

Coming to malnad homestays in Karnataka we are sure of the fact that we have created a lot of happy minds who have visited us as casual travelers. Our services are designed in such a way that your trip time is not just spent on sightseeing but for several relaxation exercises. Our homestays in malnad are serving guests since 2005. We have evolved with time by taking most of the feedbacks of our patrons and turned it into action in our services. This mindset has helped us come up with more services added to the list along with fine-tuning some of the basic hospitality services we offer. Today, we are standing at a point where we know the pulse of every travel fully aware of what is the most important thing to include in their itinerary.

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Malnad homestays are relevant for travelers who would like to explore places while indulging in activities in the lap of nature. Most of the stays in malnad are located amidst coffee, tea, areca estates, or plantations. You can imagine the natural surroundings it offers you to refresh, relax, and rejuvenate. There are a lot of stays which also offer adventure tourism as part of their packages. We have categorized the homestays based on the services offered along with the quality of rooms. It helps our visitors to compare quotes & facilities before making a final choice to book. Our USP is the compare facility with the most up-to-date prices for your trip planner. You can save a lot of time & money by doing a booking at Travel Malnad®. Our repeat visitors get more discounts every time they book a stay on our portal. You can book online with only partial payments to get reservations without any hassles. No fees for any of our booking services offered at