We at Travel Malnad®, getting this query frequently from a lot of our travel community members, users of our portal travelmalnad.com. Currently, this month as we are writing this piece of blog, most of the homestays in malnad are closed since the nearby sightseeings are closed. Only a few would be open as quarantine centers or having WFH (work from home) facilities. The majority of the stays in Malnad have shut their premises voluntarily as they do not want to risk spreading the virus to the rural parts of Karnataka. The reality is, the locals are also vigilant about the tourism movement and had expressed their concerns at this point.

Travel Malnad® has been doing a very responsible travel service to date. We have owed to protect the interests of our hosts and the local community. Most important to us is the travelers who have been our guests ever since we launched this service. We request you all to stay at home and stay safe till we write to you about the safe opening of homestays in malnad where you holiday peacefully. There are a few operators, so-called trekking professionals trying to incessantly market to trekkers from cities promising the expeditions in the Malnad region during these difficult months.

Be aware of the facts before you venture into forests or trekking trails in the name of trekking, camping, hiking, adventure… The tourism ministry of Karnataka has officially announced the closure and Deputy Commissioners of respective districts have sent notices to homestay owners already. Your safety is of utmost importance to us and it’s not about just selling a few rooms and increase revenue by risking your health & safety. We at Travel Malnad® strongly believe that the health & safety of the travelers coming to the Malnad as well as the local community is the only priority right now. We can travel in the future and do all that we wanted to do once the pandemic dies down and the Government will lift all travel restrictions. Until then, if you think that you were not aware and booked a service without checking the reality then it will be your mistake and might get into trouble unnecessarily. Those of you, who have already traveled and are staying at Malnad homestays as your Work From Home (WFH) accommodation, you need not worry as the Government also has told it to be not an issue.