We all have been worried about the pandemic Covid-19 virus that has brought everything to a halt. If we have looked at this situation as only a financial loss and loss of lives, we are wrong. This has been a most awaited pause nature was begging all of us from several years. We had always taken nature for granted and have been its destroying its delicate fabrics in the name of ‘prosperity’ and ‘development’. All countries were busy in the rat race and it has come to an uncertain pause. This is high time to reflect on a lot of things and fix it responsibly.

This pause mode is nothing but a time off that nature needs to recover from a lot of damages caused by human beings. The urban population have started noticing the changes that nature has brought them during this lock-down. Reports from different parts of the globe including Indian cities have noted that its different. The sky is clear, birds are chirping and ducks are swimming in the water, butterflies are in merry. We have been occupying their space for so long and polluted it with smoke and noise.

Many of us sitting at home are blaming the slowdown, cribbing about the stock exchange, economy, growth rate, GDP… How many of us had time to think about the damages we were doing to nature in the name of development? Have ever voluntarily gone out to stop an unnecessary felling of trees by local authorities? Have we thought of rejuvenating the lakes or rivers in our region? We always consider nature as an abundant resource for human beings. Which not true and this can be an eye opener for a lot of people who have been negligent about their surroundings.

We can take this opportunity to reflect on ourselves about how we are handling natural resources with responsibility. We can easily blame government, authorities, communities… how can we change our individual behaviour about nature is the crux of the situation. Nature has thrust this situation on us to test us how we can learn and evolve matured. Our materialistic frenzy must take a back foot and do things more responsibly in coming days.