We are heading to a major slowdown in the economy with the isolation mode. To combat Covid-19 widespread the Indian Government has taken the best method to stride forward. Most of us who have been used to a fast paced lifestyle this becomes a time out for proper rejuvenation. Our life is circled around the ideas of getting prosperous and successful in business & life. In this goals oriented competitive economic battle field most of us even forgotten to breath properly or drink sufficient water in a day. We assume that we are too busy to mind silly things in life. However, nature has remained calm about a lot of foolish theories of human beings. Now that we all are indoors at our homes without burning fuel on the road or doing noise in the towns nature is finally getting some time off to relax as well.

Since all of us have got a lot of time for ourselves in this situation its best to utilize it in best direction. Dedicate your time for a little introspection daily about your personality. It could have been a reflection for a lot of external conditions but now as you are for yourself you can decide whether those traits were normal. Nature has given us a lot of intuitions to dig deep into our conscience to understand ourselves better. You need not be a philosopher to gain lot of perspectives about of life, work and relationships. You have to be present in the moment with a clear mind that can absorb your ideas of existence and allow you to decide what’s best suitable.

You are contributing to the social cause of stopping the pandemic from spreading by staying indoors. At the same time, you must also dedicate time to uplift yourself to a new high in thinking. This is the test of time to a lot of companies who have employees work from home. Many would be cribbing about the drop in productivity in the companies whereas a lot of them have shut shop for the time being. If you are remotely contributing to your company, then it’s the best test of integrity and commitment. Give your 100% dedication to your creative work with more commitment. It will not only help your company but as a person it gives you an immense sense of satisfaction.

The lock-down is not forever; we will be back on the saddle for the race soon. While we are now preparing for the future it is advisable that we do a lot of course corrections. Leaders in the organisations need not spend time about the share value or sales statistics. It is the best time to look at the creative side of the organisation and prepare it for a futuristic approach. Lot of our hospitality partners are facing issues in their business but we have been constantly encouraging them to think positive. With a positive mindset we can win this battle against a virus that caused havoc in the business world. Once the situation gets better and if you find this article somewhere and read it again you will feel it too.