We have been receiving this question from all quarters regarding the safety measures to kick start homestays business post covid 19. It will be naive if we say there is a deadline date to end Covid and post that there is no need to worry at all. The virus will be in our country for another few months and can be for a couple of years. We have to accept the reality of the ‘new normal’ for the tourism industry and start practicing all safety measures while we travel or host guests at our stays.

The homestays in Malnad are no exception to this ‘new normal. If we are hosting the guests once the government gives a green signal then you as a host have a lot of responsibility. You need to relook at how your hygiene and housekeeping processes are practiced.

There could be protocols guided by the government to follow before you accept guests at the premises. It may sound like a lengthy process but to be on the safer side for both host and guest it is mandatory. You can utilize this time now to refurbish, renovate or innovate your homestays business and get ready to host your guest.

We are outlining few of the hygiene measures you can imagine in the ‘new normal’ to keep virus-free premises.

  1. Thermal screening at the entrance for every guest and even their drivers. Sanitize the vehicles before they enter your gates.
  2. Sanitizers at every doorstep of rooms. If it’s contactless usage with a leg pump, which is available in the market will be safer.
  3. Collect their id proofs and history of travel to maintain as a record for future checks by authorities.
  4. If they have already recovered from Covid then seek for hospital medical certificate before bookings.
  5. Social distancing at your restaurant or common areas like a campfire area should be maintained.
  6. Mandate the use of masks and hand gloves for your staff.
  7. Mandate use of masks for guests at premises.
  8. Keep sanitizing the areas once used by guests.
  9. Keep sanitizing all sports equipment after usage.
  10. Train your staff members about the ‘new normal’ and importance of keeping your premises hygienic.
  11. Teamwork with the co-operation of your guests will be the only way out for a safe and virus-free holiday experience.


PLEASE NOTE: These points are consolidated collecting from our travel experts from all over Karnataka. You must wait for the Tourism Department, State Government Karnataka, and Government of India to give further instructions.