Covid 19 in India has changed how we look at the travel and hospitality industry in India. We are still looking at the future in what shape, form and structure the ‘new normal’ of hospitality industry will restart operations. There are speculations about a lot of things which many of the stake holders & experts are not yet clear. The general perception is that driving destinations like ones listed in portals like Travel Malnad® will be apt options for experiential holidays in Karnataka. However, the dynamics of how we look at things will be different once the post Covid 19 lockdown travel begins.

We must be always aware of the fact that Covid 19 virus will be in the world for more duration than we all can imagine. So, what next for tourism industry in Karnataka? How to enhance our hygiene measures at our stays? These big questions are weighing on the minds of homestays, hotels, resorts, restaurant owners, travel agents, tour operators, vehicle owners in Karnataka. We all must understand that our guests will be equally worried, cautious and skeptic about the environment around them when they travel and choose a stay. To create a comfort zone for all stake holders in the tourism sector, we must include inputs from experts, government, local authorities and your conscience about the cleanliness before starting the operations.

We keep hearing from people that there will be a ‘New Normal’. To be very honest with you, there is no clear-cut definition of this phrase. Having said that, we cannot shoot in the dark without implementing necessary steps in this direction. If you want to learn more about how to include some of the safety and hygiene measures at your stay you must read Travel Malnad® blogs. We have given detailed information as to what to expect in coming days in the travel and hospitality sector.