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The beauty of nature travel in Karnataka

Nature travel is also popularly known as sustainable travel and responsible ecotourism. You will feel incredibly powerful when you do the cleansing of your mind by visiting nature holiday destinations. Your time seems to stand still when you are doing activities amidst nature. Nature has a very powerful influence on human beings. When we are […]


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Malnad homestays for nature holidays in Karnataka

Nature is a healer, teacher, and creator of things outside and inside human life. If you are a nature lover you already know the power of natural energies that can improve your way of leaving. If you just take a walk in nature you feel more reverberated with loads of spirit. You would love nature […]


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Seek the blessings of nature by holidaying in Malnad

There are multiple reasons for a traveller to go on a holiday. Some just want a leisure time with family, few want to explore places, some love adventure activities. No matter whatever could be your idea of vacation the bottom line is the quality time spent with loved ones. Malnad is one such region which […]


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Nature holiday destinations in Karnataka and being a responsible traveler

Nature! The moment this word is mentioned your mind will associate different topics to it. Oftentimes nature is considered as a Mother of all. She is offering bounties selflessly to everyone on earth. Isn’t it unfair that all her love, caress, healing touch and basic necessities provided to human is taken for granted in these […]


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Mind, Meditation, Malnad and Nature for your holiday

The holidaying reasons can be unique from person to person. Family trips, friends trips, colleagues trips and relaxation trips. Today we shall elaborate on the relaxation part of your trip in Malnad Karnataka. Those who are living in cities with round the clock work & family routines can connect well with this article. When you […]


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