Nature! The moment this word is mentioned your mind will associate different topics to it. Oftentimes nature is considered as a Mother of all. She is offering bounties selflessly to everyone on earth. Isn’t it unfair that all her love, caress, healing touch and basic necessities provided to human is taken for granted in these days. Always remember that you can never recreate what is destroyed in the nature. The water that we waste, trees that we cut, air that we polluted is nothing but a way of suicidal mindset towards the human life.

These are not philosophies about nature but most essential information for our life that we all should know. Preserving nature doesn’t mean you have to hold placards and start shouting slogans on the streets. Simple steps like saving water by turning off the shower or switching to using a bucket for bath. You will be shocked if you find out how many liters of water is wasted during every shower. It is not sufficient you know about this, you should pass on the knowledge as a priority responsibility to your younger generation as well.

Travelers of today have plenty of things to do places to visit. However, visiting nature holiday destinations has become more popular among city dwellers. It is an evident fact that by visiting nature the percentage of relaxation is more compared to any other holiday ideas. Karnataka has a lot of destinations known for nature holidays. Malnad is one such region which is filled with waterfalls, valleys, hills, mountains, estates…

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