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Explore Thirthahalli in Karnataka for your future nature holidays

Thirthahalli is known as the doorway to Malnad region in Karnataka. People of Thirthahalli known for their hospitality from generations to count. There were not much hotels in the ancient times, forget about any homestays which came into existences just a couple of years ago. People here are friendly & hospitable for their guests whether […]


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Homestays in Thirthahalli for your future vacations in Karnataka

Thirthahalli is one of the picturesque Malnad destinations in Karnataka. This place is not just popular for its nature but also for its rich history and legendry leaders from this soil. The popularity of this place is not just for its tourism but for lot of political and literary reasons. Many leaders of Karnataka politics […]


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A piping hot cup of coffee in the middle of a cool estate

We are all bogged down by several routine and professional hassles in our day to day life and always our soul yearns for a break from the overall chaos. Some of us take a break once in a while and refresh our senses by spending leisure doing a nice holiday. And others would indulge in […]


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