We are all bogged down by several routine and professional hassles in our day to day life and always our soul yearns for a break from the overall chaos. Some of us take a break once in a while and refresh our senses by spending leisure doing a nice holiday. And others would indulge in acitivities like reading books, playing a favourite game, watching a movie or a get together with family and friends. All these are done for a specific reason called ‘rejuvenation’. Consiously or unconsciously in the backdrop the mind and soul gets rest and relaxation it deserves.

Why a cup of coffee amidst a coffee estate is special? We are in the tourism industry for more than a decade and we have noticed that experience is superior to any add ons that we market for a holiday. The Malnad region we promote is one of the most visited holiday destination in Karnataka which is mostly famous for its beautiful landscapes and estates. You can certainly enjoy varities of coffee preparations and tickle your taste buds during your holiday.

Each individual will have their specific holiday requirements and tailoring it to suit your requirement best will be efficiently done by our travel expert team. Be it your quick weekend stay or a long holiday planner, we have customizable packages for you which will come light on your pocket which is your hard earned savings. We make sure you will be given the best accommodation amidst a coffee/tea/areca planation and ultimate care given during the holiday which will give full of memories to cherish even after you get back to your routine.

As we enter into the 10th year of entreprenueurship in tourism industry we have a strong traveler base in India and has made us lot more learned in designing our services. Currently we are having several hundreds of top notch hospitality providers who have set up their best in segment homestay or resort in the coffee estates of Karnataka. You call us or email us to find out the unique stays that we can offer. We have paperless reservation facilities online and all you need to give us your travel dates. Sit back and relax while we come back to you with best holiday package to pick.

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