Karnataka has been now one of the top destinations in India for different genres of holidays. You name it, we have it! will suit a better punch line for the Karnataka holidays. Travelers have multiple options to choose from today and sometimes it might be confusing while planning a trip. There are thousands of registered homestays in Karnataka. There are a lot more unregistered and illegal homestays as well with barely any consideration for standards of hospitality. On top of all this, there are several websites promoting fake homestays with fake names and luring guests with discounts and deals which never exist.

How to plan a trip to homestays in Karnataka? 

While planning your trip to Karnataka you need to be aware of a few facts that will be handy. Homestays trip is not just about booking a room in a homestay. Your stay is like the epicenter of your trip planner. If your stay experience is bad then the whole trip might sound irritating. Never go for over-board discount offers and deals by websites just to lure you for a booking. They are not going to be helpful in case of any shortcomings in the promises made.

Since there is an extensive list of homestays in Karnataka, you must do comparison using portals like Travel Malnad®. You can check dates and availability of rooms and compare facilities provided at homestays before making a booking. We believe in transparent information provided for our guests with lowest Tariff in the market.

There are different types of packages designed to match guests requirements. You should first decide what is the purpose of your trip. Is it for complete relaxation or combination with adventure activities. Or you just need a quiet place to sit and finish reading your favourite book sipping a hot cup of coffee.

Step 1

You must write down all holiday requirement of your group or family. It is very important to get everyone on the same page before starting your trip. One disatisfied traveler can spoil the mood of everyone. You must take everyone’s opinion before deciding some of the common points for your trip.

Step 2

List all sightseeing places and adventure activities you want to do. Time management during a trip could be a challenge when travelling with a group. You can not expect everyone to get ready on time. You must make it absolutely clear for your group to stick to timings.

Step 3

Food can be a deciding factor in some cases to call it a great or worst trip. If food is not good then you might end up feeling bad about the trip. Always choose to eat light while doing journey. It is not good idea to eat heavily and then sit for doing journey.

Step 4

Your accommodation should be hygienic and beautiful to give you fresh morning mood. Choose malnad homestays in Karnataka wisely by comparing using our portal. You can select a stay as per your budget and book online.

Step 5

Always work as a team while doing group holiday. Going on silo mode and disappearing for a walk or shopping without informing others can lead to wastage of time. You must be quick to complete works that are outside your trip itinerary.

Step 6

Last but not the least, you should carry necessary clothing required for your entire trip. A good walking shoes is always recommend while you are doing outdoor sightseeing or trekking in the mountains.