The modern day routine at workplace is like a never ending treadmill exercise. You run incessantly sweating out the calories trying to bring out the “productivity” and “creativity” in you. Often times you feel exhausted and lost in routine and start thinking in the mind whether to rest or run. The workplace pressure is as same as treadmill run and we need to take those small breaks feel revived. It’s good to once in an hour take a break for 10 minutes or go for a walk during the lunch break in working hours. All these will give you space to reflect on the work you did earlier and relax your mind for the next task.

Solitude is a nice state of mind that gives one the required pace of thinking and energy boost to revive whole body. If you are a person looking for creative energy that stimulates in your mind then you must try take a break and visit nature for a holiday. The city life could have exasperated you with workload and traffic hassles. The quietness in nature is a rejuvenating force that makes you all new and ready for the challenges. It’s a whole new level of awakening your creative thinking and make you more productive person. All of us have that inner voice which needs to be heard and cared. When you are in solitude and amidst the nature it can work wonders within you to achieve great elevation of human thinking capabilities.

Recently I got a chance to escape from the city madness and settle briefly in a coffee estate cottage by Travel Malnad. Though I travelled with my family I chose to stay back at the cottage while they went for sightseeing. My intentions were clear, not that I don’t wanted to give time to family but during this trip I wanted to converse with the nature. That was achieved only when I was alone with nature around me. It was a mind-blowing experience that I had during the stretch of my stay in the Nature. A special thanks to TravelMalnad team for meticulously arranging my trip as per the customization requested.

The benefit of solitude during a trip is, you get ample time for introspection, course correction and creative thinking. I was overwhelmed by the enchanting blessings of nature on me during this trip. Added to this the activities conducted by the owners and the trekking we did nearby made it more beautiful.

We are planning for a similar trip with Travel Malnad very soon and we recommend all those who love nature to visit and start planning your meaningful getaway to nature.