The tourism promotions in India dates back to several years and the marketing or PR teams of different organizations constantly work hard to promote a hotel or destination. The idea of promoting any destination could be dependent on group of people or companies or ad agencies that come together and depict a destination. The more we dwell on how to market a destination the better to get creative mindsets. Having said all this, the top notch performing destinations are not just about picturesqueness but also about ‘experiences’ that one can expect by visiting the place.

Today, we are in a web savvy world and the holiday places on earth are abundant. We may find a new destination for vacation every day if we are doing enough research.  We are giving you a glimpse of the destination called as Malnad in Karnataka. You might have explored many places on earth and missed our region thinking it’s one another destination in India. But Malnad has its own charm and specialty when it comes to the idea of holidaying for a perfect break or to indulge in adventure and explore new realities.

Malnad hospitality is famous in South India from ages and people of this region are most hospitable as you can expect in any popular destination. Our companies takes pride in taking this destination to the email inboxes and door steps of millions of travellers from across the globe who wished to spend their holiday in style.  Malnad is a combination of places like Coorg, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, Thirthahalli, Shimoga, Sagar, Sringeri… All these places are rich in greenery and have most popular destinations tagged to their names.

We recommend you to stay in any of our homestays and resorts in Malnad and experience the true hospitality. The cuisine of this region is also unique and stands out for its richness in taste and varieties.  We have our Malnad Homestays and Resorts situated in the greenery especially in the estates or plantations. These places will have a natural stream in the property and mountain nearby for trekking which are like added advantage for a vacationer in Malnad Region.  Take a free quote for your travel dates, compare accommodations and book your holiday with latest and best deal tariff.