If you are living in Bangalore for a short time at work or settled down with a job permanently that gives you breaks on weekends then you must utilize the leisure for weekend getaways. There are several things and we will share them in future blogs.

Below is the outline of the best things you can do on a weekend from Bangalore. We have specifically focused on Malnad region in Karnataka.


  1. Western Ghats: You might have heard about this region and also could have visited a few spots here already. But you must consider visiting the Malnad belt in the Western Ghats, which is the most spectacular and prosperous in vegetation and lifestyle. There are several commercial and non-commercial crops grown in this region as well as the forests are protected and reserved from any human activities. This means you will get to see a lot of varieties of flora and fauna in this area.
  2. Chikmagalur: The land of coffee is now a huge market in itself for tourism and a lot of travelers from the cities are visiting this green district of Karnataka. There are several homestays under our umbrella towards muliangiri, bababudangiri, bhadra wildlife, and many other hot spots of Chikmagalur.
  3. Coorg: The all-time famous tourist destination is beckoning visitors from all over the place and embracing them with warm hospitality. If you are planning a short trip or a long rejuvenation holiday then the destination has several options for you. Spend your holiday doing adventure in nature, sipping a hot coffee at the homestay, or taking a spa at the resort.
  4. Sakleshpur: This is one of the short-distance weekend getaways and holiday destinations from Bangalore. A lot of people take a break and visit this beautiful region which hosts a lot of popular accommodations and sightseeing places. You can plan for a weekend or for a long holiday, the place has everything to offer you and keep you engaged.
  5. Thirthahalli: the Western Ghats takes its turn at this beautiful destination and it’s one of the few places where you have a lot of sightseeing places in and around the area at a short drive. You could visit all the places and also indulge in adventurous trekking even during a short time visit to this fabulous destination.
  6. Trekking in the Monsoon: If you are a trekking enthusiast and love to scale mountains then you must visit during the monsoon with proper preparation. There are several mountains and trekking trails that can give you all new trekking experiences in the Malnad. Greenery everywhere, drizzling rain, cool climate, and the fresh breeze make it all the more special during your journey.


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