The age old practice of human beings for mind refreshment is travelling. When I travel there are a lot of things I get to explore & learn. Destinations are not just places but access to possibilities. We learn, we explore, we meet people, we are influenced by places & its people. Professionally, I am an entrepreneur and an agriculturist simultaneously. I spend equal time between my family, agriculture and business with time management. I pack bags and hop on to my vehicle to explore places with my family on most of the weekends. We are so much inspired by travelling that somehow travel finds time itself to fit into our schedule.

Flashback trip memoirs;

A year back I was working on a project almost relentlessly. It had kept so busy during the week days that I was stressed most of the time. The only favorite pass time I chose then was travelling to nature holiday destinations. I started trying Travel Malnad homestays services and stayed calmly tucked in the forest, estates, plantations and greenery. My first trip to one of the homestay suggested by the team TravelMalnad was during the mid-October last year. I was completely relaxed and back to work with more energy required to fine tune my business ideas. On Monday when I met my team at the office everyone told that I was looking fresh & younger.

The reason I have been telling this story to you all is simple. In today’s never ending competitive world we do not find time to care ourselves. What is travel? Basically, we organise time and space to escape from our daily routine. Yes, it’s essential to take a break once in a while for your travel endeavours. It fuels your brain with energy that is crucial for solving problems or planning projects. You can try by just going on a long drive to one of the destinations using It’s an unbiased & genuine holiday service provider with lakhs of visitors.

Travelling gives happiness;

Travel can generate a lot of chemical formations within us which is essential for happiness. One can achieve better in their work life if they are equipped with a happy mindset. It’s very easy to be happy by opting for vacation-mode from work-mode. I can confidently convey everyone that it works if you keep faith in it. Time will be organised as the mind starts planning things more effectively. I have been benefited by travel a lot hence felt like sharing the same through TravelMalnad Blog. Thanks in advance to TravelMalnad guys for generously sharing my blog on your portal.