Vacations are an extended emotion of working class people whether they are from North, South, East, West or any parts of India. Many informed travelers prepare for a holiday like a ritual and some in a slipshod who have less time to plan. No matter when or how your holidays are planned, a well spent vacation remains robust in your travel memories for years. It can be a benchmark to compare with other planners in future. Knowing the seriousness of vacationers and their urge to explore places we have aggregated services that can give them value for money in their holiday experience.

We have served close to 50000 travelers from across India and abroad and counting. More than a brag we are proud to have achieved it with extensively researched and planned holidays. You will get a pre-holiday feel of the place you are travelling to since our team would have covered the lengths and breadths of that place and give you mile to mile guidance on exploring and stays in around the area.

Why we do this and what is this place called Malnad? Many would wonder in the first place what is Malnad? In its true sense the place derived its name from Kannada which originally meant “Male” forest and “Nadu” land. The land of forests. Basically, Malnad region is known for its greenery and warm hospitality.  From several decades people have known this beautiful destination for many reasons. The major crops are Coffee, Tea, Areca, Pepper, Cardamom, elaichi… The place is known for several waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries in the country.

Malnad region today has most popular destinations as well as top class hospitality services comprised of homestays and resorts. You will get to stay at estate or plantation homestays or resorts and enjoy living a planter’s life. One of the significant things is the hospitality of the people from these areas. They are marvelous in their approach to hospitality for tourists and to experience it you can choose home stay in malnad Karnataka. We leave you at this juncture and come back with more write ups on popular destinations in Malnad region. To explore the places you can visit our official website