Malnad is a region known among people of South India for its beautiful forests and The Western Ghats Belt. Besides being a hub for tourism and experiential holiday destination the region is also famous for many facts. You can call Malnad a wonderland because many famous personalities in arts, literature, politics, and science are from the Malnad region. You might have heard about many facts on Malnad and we are only trying to add a few more points to your list.

Popular facts about the Malnad region in Karnataka:

  • The region receives the highest rainfall in Karnataka
  • The Malnad region has the highest lands utilized for agriculture and for growing commercial crops.
  • The region is one of the top destinations in India for nature holidays
  • National laureate Kuvempu is from the Malnad region.
  • Malnad has some of the highest mountain peaks in Karnataka.
  • Malnad has been ruled by several kings and queens.
  • You will find several forts, palaces, and ancient temples.
  • Major waterfalls of Karnataka
  • World Famous Jog Falls is in the Malnad region

There are many more interesting things to learn about Malnad. You will see the highest number of spices and commercial crops grown in the Malnad region. If you love agritourism then you must visit this region for your next vacation. There are many waterfalls where you can get into the water and play with your family.

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