Many travelers have an annual travel plans for destinations they have not explored and plan to do so along with friends or family members. One such event was organized recently by a bunch of friends from Kolkata. The reason for one’s travel is very simple, come out of routine and do something different and indulge something new. Traveling to places and reading a lot of books are like very good coaches in your lives. You get to meet a lot of people and besides networking; it’s an understanding of cultures and lifestyles of the places you are visiting.

The horizon of your thinking can gain different levels of perspectives with travelling to many places in your life time. Travel can have such an impact on the psyche of human beings that none can ever envision. If all these are true, what would be the experience when you travel to a breath-taking destination with mesmerizing things to experience? Simple, you feel enchanted and indulge in activities that you can revive your sensory organs and prepare yourself to face the world with lot more new perspectives. As we were organizing a lot o tours for travelers from different walks of life we realized one thing “Quality is a mind-set and not many are ready to compromise”. If we look at the track record our returning guests are because of the quality of service and the commitment to deliver the best as per their requirements.

Not to deviate further, let’s explore a destination which has been known as one of the top tourist destinations in South India. We are talking about the Western Ghats belt in Karnataka and Malnad Region. This region has now been one of the preferred destinations of people from across other states visiting Karnataka. We are talking about Malnad region in Karnataka. The places that fall in this region are prominently featured on many travel and tourism expos and presentations that happen across the country. Thanks to the intervention of technology, this has given ample scope for introducing a destination to travelers as well as creating awareness among those who have ‘unheard’ of these places.

Guests planning for a homestay, hotel or resort accommodation need not have to worry about the overwhelming options available in these areas. We have made things easy for you and there is a cherry-picked list of properties for you to compare quotes and book rooms online. The places are pre checked holidays, unique, clean, good food and provide top class hospitality for room guests. Planning a holiday much prior to your visit is essential as you get ample time to shop on our portal and also get appropriate room and service as per you requirements. Speak to a travel expert by calling us or complete the quote form on the home page to get free quotes.