I being a photographer by profession have a great desire to travel across the country and shoot mesmerizing nature locations. I recently traveled to Karnataka and traveled around clicking pics of history, architecture and natural beauties. I happen to meet one of my friends living in Bangalore who is basically from Malnad region in Karnataka. We traveled around malnad for 3 days and finally stayed for 2 nights at Chikmagalur.

The chikmagalur estates homestays is beautiful and added to that the top class amenities was simply the best for holiday going people. I and my photography world were quite forgotten as I was indulged in the hospitality of chikmagalur homestay host. We were then taken to local sightseeing with the guide provided by travel malnad (our travel organizer pan Karnataka) and it was a nice experience for as I was busy shooting I got a chance to lay back and enjoy the nature.

Totally to remember my experience at Karnataka is unforgettable, once I am back from abroad finishing all my assignments I am planning to spend 15 to 20 days relaxing in Karnataka. Next time I am getting my family to homestay in Chikmagalur, who has equal zest for exploring nature as I have. We had been to places with natural noteworthiness but the estates in Karnataka I travelled is a must visit in view for all the nature lovers out there. Get your holiday organized by travel malnad and plan your itinerary efficiently with expert inputs.