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Ayesiri | Stay in Hongadahalla

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Amenities at the Stay
  •  Air Condition
  •  Internet/Wifi
  •  Dining
  •  Room Service
  •  Gym
  •  Pool
  •  Hot Water
  •  Spa
  •  Star Category
  •  Parking
  •  Nearby Trekking
  •  Estate/Plantation
  •  Front Desk
  •  Cab Hire
  •  Laundry
  •  Fishing
  •  Water Sports
  •  Nature Trails
  •  Bonfire
  •  Room In Cottage
  •  Room In Villa
  •  Room In Bungalow
  •  Room In Hotel
  •  Room In Farm House
  •  Room In Beach Cottage
  •  Elevator

Rs 2,200/- per person per day will be charged.

Children with the age group of 10-15 are charged Half the price.


Homestay arranges sightseeing on customers request. Sightseeing charges to be paid to the vehicle owners.

Morning Freshups

This includes





This includes

Mid-Day Meals

Outdoor Dining


Evening Specials

This includes

Evening Snacks


Night Dinner

This includes


Fire Camp

Check in and check outs

  • Per day tariff is treated as 23 hours starting from the time of checkin.
  • If the time of checkout period exceeds tariff will be treated for next day.
  • Customers must present original Driving License / Voter ID / Aadhaar card / Passport at the time of check in.
  • Customers has to write complete postal address, Email-id and Phone number with their signature in the register at the time of check in as mentioned during reservation.

Homestay Rules & Regulations

  • Children below the age group of 18 will not be allowed to consume alcohol.
  • Outside Food is not allowed.
  • The Homestay will be under constant CCTV surveillance for customers safety & security at the same time Customers Privacy will be respected.
  • The homestay will not take any responsibility for trekking. For trekking within the forest area prior permission from the forest department is required.
  • Trekking on the railway track is also prohibited by law.
  • When entered into the forest nature has to be loved & protected. Wild life should not be disturbed & scared.
  • Within the forest area silence has to be maintained.
  • Up to Five rooms with Double Bed and upstairs Balcony are available with tiled floor, modern hygiene bathrooms & Western toilets. 
  • A luxuriously designed room, with a private upstairs balcony sit-outs, includes all the state-of-the-art facilities to meet the requirement of holiday guests. 
  • Rooms are well equipped with large windows with good light and ventilation. An open space is designed with in the rooms to feel the nearness of nature. King Size Mattress Coffee Tables, Chairs and Writing Table and Dresser.

Sakleshpur Special veg

Akki Rotti,Kadubu

Shavige with Chetni, Gojju, Palya(Fugad)

Rice along with saaru(sambar) , Rasam, Curds, Butter milk is commonly available.

Sakleshpur Special veg seasonal

Kesa(colocasia) curry, Gojju, Palya (Fugad)

Halasina badaku (Tender Jackfruit) Gojju, Chetni, Pallya(Fugad).

Anabe(Mushroom)Saaru & Gojju.

Sakleshpur Special

Fish Dry & Curry

Sakleshpur Style Non-veg

Chicken Fry & Curry

Pork Dry & Fry

Boiled Egg, Omelet

Adventure & Sightseeing

  • Activities around Homestay
  • Halekeri Gudda
  • River Stream near Homestay
  • Go Hiking to Hills
  • Rich Flora & Fauna
  • Mini Streambeds for kids
  • Misty Mountains Hike
  • The Bisle View Point.
  • Visit Kaginhare Fort
  • yedukumari

The homestay is located in the picturesque locales of Sakleshpur with ample things to do. Plan a trip with your friends and family to have memorable vacation in Sakleshpur. Take a free quote and reserve your stay. 

Book your rooms online checking availability. 


Hongadahalla Post,

Sakleshpur taluk,

Hassan District,

Pincode: 573123,


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