Travelers coming for the first time need these useful tips while planning a trip. Malnad is a combination of beautiful destinations which can be covered as connecting spots. In Malnad region there are few places that are close to coastal stretch in Karnataka. You can add them in your itinerary if you are a fan of beach games. While touring in Malnad you must be aware that it’s a pristine green destination. Your contribution will be highly valued in preserving such a paradise in Karnataka. The locals have vigilante teams to protect their surrounding from littering or illegal camping sites. The Karnataka forest department in coordination with local community have been working to preserve.

These tips are relevant while you are travelling to any green destinations in India. It would be prudent to know about the services offered at your stay before making a booking. There is a grey area about the trekking or camping activities. You must speak to our experts at Travel Malnad® to get a list of activities and itinerary before making a booking. The stays listed under Travel Malnad® are thoroughly verified to help our visitors make a prudent choice for their holiday.

Here are few tips for visitors to Malnad Region in Karnataka.

Together we can preserve Malnad Greenery:

  1. Do not litter – Carry all your food and miscellaneous wastage and throw it in garbage bins,
  2. Open parties prohibited – Consuming alcohol in public is anyway prohibited. Beware of strict rules which can put you in trouble if you have parked a vehicle roadside and consuming alcohol.
  3. Camping Rules – Do not fall prey to Trekking and Camping companies running their business without prior permissions from concerned local authorities. They won’t help you when you are caught camping in an unauthorized forest or hilltop location.
  4. Trekking Rules – If you are planning for a trekking in Malnad then you need forest entry permissions. Most of the reserve forest in this region have strict rules. Speak to your host or hotel owner before venturing into unknown forest areas.
  5. Waterfalls Rules – Most of the waterfalls will be crowded during weekends. You need to be careful while playing in the water or posing for a selfie. Water can be a very dangerous place to play prank with friends.
  6. Bird-watching – Carry binoculars and stand at a distance to watch birds. If there is a nest around then beware it’s a bird’s home and needs privacy.
  7. Wildlife – There are several wildlife safaris organised by Govt of Karnataka. Do not venture into forest in the name of adventure and animal spotting. There are cases of wildlife animal attacks because of tourist negligence.
  8. Campfire – We can give you campfire at our Malnad Homestays during your stay. Do not venture into open fields or paddy fields in the name of ‘enjoying in nature’.
  9. Be a responsible traveller – If you find any other travellers misbehaving in tourist spots you can report tourism guards appointed by the Government. Educate your friends and family members by sharing this blog or spreading the word on whatsapp.

Please carry a copy of your ID Proof to check in to any hotel/homestay/resort/club in Malnad Region,


Thank you,

Travel Malnad Team,