The fast moving world has no time for things as simple as sitting silently or going for a walk in nature. It’s true that they may sound ‘unproductive’ for a lot of people who are busy in their ‘work mode’. Your mind and body deserved to be cared and rejuvenated. The best way to do so is by allotting at least one hour a week to sit silently amidst the nature. You can imbibe a lot of new personality traits if you start accepting the blessings of Mother Nature.

This is my story I thought of sharing with Travel Malnad team as I could see their honest effort in getting people to explore nature. Nature is not just about forest, water streams, mountains and wilderness. Its beyond expressions that your eyes can behold. Your mind can work differently and can reach new horizons of thinking each day. It done when you are open to the evolving mind to explore new ideas and way of life. Nature is one such phenomenal wonder around us which is helping us evolve on a daily basis.

We the busy bees working round the clock in the economic battle field have no time for simple things. I am an entrepreneur who do globetrotting for business reasons. I have seen several countries and tried to explore their countryside whenever I’m free from work. However, my tryst with nature at Malnad Karnataka is a new chapter for me. We are having a wonderful landscape of nature in malnad where you have incredible vacation options. You can just take one of your weekend leisure as a trip to Malnad using and stay at their recommended homestay or resort. You will sure come back and write your own blog inspired by the magnanimity of nature.

I have been doing weekend trips almost every month to Malnad region. There are a lot of stays but Travel Malnad is the only portal I found is doing justice for users to give them only nice & hygienic stays at the heart of nature. Of late I also learnt from an industry leader that has been the only place you see regular quality check. It’s very important when you go online for bookings and lured by fake promotions and photo shopped images. The team at Travel Malnad has been meticulously giving its guest the most suitable holiday package without charging any extra fee. The prices of Malnad homestays are offered at much cheaper Tariff than any other portals.

The stays are shortlisted based on one criteria at Travel Malnad, they should be the best one in its category of listing. No room for shady and bad stays at this portal. You can vouch on their services anytime and book it blindfolded. I have tried several of their stays over a period of time and have noticed they have a reason to be the top portal. The hosts are constantly updated about the industry norms & whoever seeks training the team have trained them free of cost in collaboration with other companies. This enables them to provide fool-proof hospitality services for those who book their trip on Overall experience I must say as excellent and no doubt you will become their loyal guest for your future trips.

This blog i was planning to send to Travel Malnad team from a long time. This was in my pending list, now as I work from home or most of my overseas operations have slowed down. I have ample time to reflect on my trips and write this blog. I hope it helps a lot of nature enthusiasts out there to use services in future for their family holidays in nature.


PLEASE NOTE: COVID – 19 Announcement 

I would like to recommend that you must plan all your Malnad Trips once the Covid – 19 Situation is cleared. You must stay home and stay safe at this point of time.

Travel Malnad Team urges all its users to kindly stay at home without indulging any meetings or get together. Social distancing is the best precautions you all can take. Never underestimate the fierceness of the virus and venture outdoor.

You have to postpone all your trips for future. I wrote this blog as I am in isolation mode like many of you out there.

There is time in the future for all the travel, holiday and fun.

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