When we hear the name Nature, most of the time it will be with the prefix ‘Mother Nature’. The mother who has no discrimination and always remains unbiased while providing the fundamental requirements of our life. Nature is The God who has No caste, creed, religion, place of worship, holy book… hence nature needs no introduction. It’s been our integral part from our birth and till we leave this earth. We all seek solace in the lap of Nature whenever we want and in our own unique way. Respect nature as much as you respect your own mother and teach everyone around you to do the same. That’s the greatest contribution you can make for the protection and preservation of ‘Nature’ around you.

The reason we all love nature could be different but the purpose would be most of the time the same ‘Peace’. Everyone loves to live peacefully or spend quality time doing activities amidst the nature. Some of us would be sitting in a cubicle or at a business or in a government office for long hours and due to work commitments we find less time to visit nature and enjoy. We can just simply count of visit to nature, when was the last time we saw a sunrise or a bird building its nest or river making an enchanting music? These witnesses and encounters are like enlightening moments of our lives. We stay busy most of the time and make it an excuse to not witness all these beautiful things in our nature.

2018 holiday resolutions;

The New Year 2018 has arrived; it’s like a new book with 12 new months and 365 new days for all of us to introspect and write a nice story. Be a responsible traveler and create awareness about preserving the beauty of our nature. It’s in our hearts and minds to decide whether we leave a superb footprint for our future generation to urging to preserve nature than exploiting it. We should create more greenery and contribute to the cleanliness of our rivers, oceans and forests. It is the need of the hour to spread love for nature to everyone and all stake holders whoever breathes air and drinks water on earth. It’s each and every citizen’s primary responsibility to check and stop exploitation, destruction of nature even if it is not a tourist destination or your own property. Wherever you find people spoiling our nature, stop them, take that bold step, and educate the importance of respecting nature since it is giving a lot to us without expecting anything.

If at all you want to give back something to nature then pledge from today for practicing these things which is so “Routine” and you would have ignored because of your ‘busy schedules’.

  1. Save water – Stop wasting water at kitchen, in your bathroom, in your office, at a mall or wherever not required.
  2. Save Electricity – Switch off lights, AC, fans, water heaters, mobile charging, TV… wherever you are not using them.
  3. Keep Nature Clean – Do not throw waste in the open, do not throw your burden on nature when you are traveling, do not leave the trash after you do that memorable picnic, camping, trekking, holiday, team outing… at a beautiful nature holiday destination that you visit.
  4. Do not waste food – To grow the food that we eat, nature takes a toll and farmers put a lot of effort and hard work. Respect the food you are served on a platter and you always be aware that you are a lucky person to enjoy that luxury.
  5. Educate your children to love nature – It should be a paramount home lesson that you inculcate in home lessons to your children. Train them to practice and also spread that learning among their friends and peers when they grow up.
  6. Say NO to unnecessary extravaganza weddings and parties – You can see how we waste food and abuse nature by wasting water and other resources careless about our future generations in the name of ‘celebrations’.
  7. Be a good friend to nature – If you do not have time or patience to help nature it’s absolutely fine. But do not become its enemy by abusing and destroying it in the name of ‘Having Fun’, ‘Jolly Trip’, ‘Adventure Camping’, ‘Team Outing’…

Malnadu tourism stake holders contributions;

We are also aware that there are a lot of responsible and nature loving travelers and tourists, citizens in our societies who have done tremendous efforts in keeping the areas clean and beautiful. We congratulate all of them heartily for setting such examples wherever they are visiting. We take this opportunity to thank one and all including Karnataka Tourism Ministry, Hotels, Homestays, Resorts, NGOs, Schools, Colleges, Individuals striving to make Malnad Greener and Cleaner. This is a team effort and we all have a role to play by being a responsible citizen and creating awareness to as much citizens as possible.