Malnad is one region that we all know has been very popular among tourists for their short and long breaks. This region caters to all age groups of travelers planning a trip in Karnataka. Specifically, if you are living in cities or surrounding areas of Bangalore, Mysore, or Mangalore then you have easy accessibility by road to the destinations of Malnad. A perfect trip planner to the Malnad region can never be complete without home stay hospitality.

Malnad homestays are known for their hospitality services with a nice touch of warmth and friendliness. We are very happy to be known among tourists who are using our services for more than 12 years now. One thing is sure about the stays in malnad that you will get more than you pay for. The hosts are very friendly and usually take you as their own friends or family members.

There are several ways you can plan a trip to homestays in Karnataka. We have outlined a few popular and tested tour planners for your reference.

Rejuvenation trip to Malnad homestays

Malnad is a wast landscape filled with hills, mountains, valleys, and waterfalls. Besides these natural wonders, stays in malnad are situated amidst estates and plantations. You will be mesmerized by the elegance of stays in the region. If you are looking to rejuvenate yourself by taking a stroll in the woods, going for a village walk, or reading your favorite book, then Malnad is the best place.

There are many hilltop homestays in Malnad for you to experience the valley view and mountain view cottages. If you like to spend a good time in nature then you must plan a trip here.

Adventure trip to Malnad homestays

Tourists who love to explore adventure activities in the Malnad region can choose to visit a waterfall trekking nearby or mountain climbing. The sunrises and sunsets on top of the hills will be an enchanting experience to behold. Nature is in its abundance in the Malnad region. You feel its grandeur during all seasons throughout the year.

The malenadu stays we offer you are well known for the authentic malnad hospitality. You will never find an equivalent stay anywhere on any portal. We also bet you will get the lowest tariff for all your adventure bookings in Malnad.

Agritourism in Malnad homestays

Agriculture is widely present in the nooks and corners of Malnad. Wherever you travel, you will find people busy in their fields or estates in Malnad. Agritourism is a very popular genre of tourism in Karnataka. Thanks to abundant agricultural lands in the Malnad region. Our kids today are lucky that they get hands-on experience of doing agriculture while on a trip to Malnad.

Many people travel from the lengths and breadths of the nation to experience agritourism in Karnataka. Malnad stays are popular not only for agritourism but for tasty Malnad cuisines with local flavors.